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Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are becoming more public with their love story in bloom and don't seem to care about who sees their PDA. But they are not rushing to put a label on their relationship.

Camila Cabello is Shawn Mendes They were just great friends for so long, which is why they are paying attention to how they are progressing with what appears to be a love story. They were photographed in a cafe in San Francisco on July 12th with Shawn holding Camilla in her arms while lovingly placing his head on his chest. The couple also held hands while dining, in full view of the other customers. Later, during dinner in San Francisco, they sat side by side at the table and started full of kisses! "Camila and Shawn's feelings are very, very real. There has always been an attraction there, but it wasn't until they were single that they could explore it," says a source close to both EXCLUSIVELY.

"That said, she's recently single, so don't rush to put a label on something. They are having fun right now and enjoying the summer together," our insider continues. Camila and her one-year-old boyfriend, coach of English matches Matthew Hussey, 32, broke up in June. The first sightings of PDAs between the singer "Havana" and Shawn arrived on the weekend of July 4th in Los Angeles, where the two were inseparable.

"He looks really happy with Shawn and is excited to see where he goes. When they are together, they look like boyfriends and boyfriends. You can say they have real chemistry and passion and is much happier and lighter than when he was with Matthew," explains our source .

"Shawn is the nicest and most extroverted boy and Camila is quiet and more private, so they balance each other well. In the beginning it seemed that he wanted to remain so quiet and submissive, but now he is appreciating more and more and happy to prove it ", adds the insider. This was true during their breakfast filled with the PDA at Dottie's True Blue Cafe in San Francisco, where a fan took the picture of her that looked so happy in Shawn's arms, as well as the video of their session of but no.

Camila clarified how much he is admired by Shawn when he participated in two 20-year sold-out shows at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on July 5th and 6th. The first night he watched from a skybox and could not do without fangirls on him, posting two videos of stories on Instagram that show him performing. In the first he wrote "@shawnmendes could not be more surprising. Wow," along with an emoji red heart and "You are unreal. @Shawnmendes" on the second one. The next morning they were spotted doing a PDA show on Sunday brunch at West Hollywood's Sweet Chick. Shawn said the two aren't dating, but they definitely act like a couple!


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