Camila Sodi surprises by revealing that she is ‘married’ to Brad Pitt and this is the proof

The former partner of diego moonthe Mexican actress Camila Sodi She has become one of the Hispanic entertainment artists who has won the most hearts, a product of her beauty that she boasts of on social networks every so often. At 36, the oldest of Thalía’s nieces, she has them all at her mercy. But apparently, she has already chosen who to dedicate photos of her to.

Despite currently being one of the most sought after in the industry, since she embodied Erika in Luis Miguel’s bioseries, a character inspired by Isabella Camil who was one of the singer’s most important romances, Sodi took a few days to enjoy a well-deserved vacation in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Since her vacation, Camila Sodi has continued to be very active on social networks, where she already accumulates almost three million followers from all over the world who do not lose track of her. The actress uses her Instagram to share photos of her best looks, poses, trips and previews of her work.

Recently, Laura Zapata’s also niece has shown her fans how much she has fun and relaxes. In addition to posing with the latest swimsuits and showing off her elaborate silhouette, a product of her genetics, her perseverance with physical exercise and good nutrition. Nevertheless, He also showed a curious confession to one of the most coveted actors in Hollywood, none other than Brad Pitt.

Camila used her stories from the social network towards her colleague, actor Brad Pitt. She shared a photo of the promotional poster for the movie ‘Bullet Train’ starring the acclaimed and coveted actor and wrote without filters “My husband” thus declaring the immense admiration and love? that she has towards him.

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