Camilla Fabri, the fugitive model who became a Chavista “human rights defender” for being the wife of Alex Saab

Camilla Fabri. Photo: AFP

The confirmation of the return to negotiations in Mexico by the Nicolás Maduro regime in a statement signed by Jorge Rodríguez, did not miss the opportunity to confirm that Camilla Fabri, an Italian former model who became an activist for the release of her husband Alex Saab, will be part of the chavista delegation.

At the beginning of September, Fabri’s future presence in the group led by Rodríguez became known. In fact, the inclusion of the former model in the delegation was one of the few things the parties agreed to since their last meeting in May.

Since Saab’s extradition to the United States, Camilla Fabri remains in Caracas under the protection and surveillance of the Maduro regime. The Italian, named as a “human rights defender” by the government, is a fugitive from justice in her country, where she is being investigated for corruption and money laundering linked to the business of the imprisoned businessman from Barranquilla in Florida.

Camilla Fabri, a life of luxury with the figurehead

Fabri came to the fore in 2019 when the Italian justice system seized a series of luxurious goods from him, as part of a follow-up to the suspicious movements of his million-dollar bank account. The socialite He had begun to show a level of waste that did not correspond to his salary of 1,800 euros a month. His spending level was extremely high, maintaining a rental of €5,800 a month and a Range Rover van valued at €55,000.

It was in 2018 that his standard of living rose significantly when he bought an apartment on the fourth floor of Via Condotti, one of the most chic streets in Rome. The property is valued at around 4.8 million euros, according to the Italian press.

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At that time, the authorities of his country seized a luxury apartment, works of art and approximately 1.8 million euros in his name.

The tracking of Fabri by the Italian Prosecutor revealed that the money came from the United Kingdom, transferred by Kinlock Investment, a company run by his sister’s boyfriend, Lorenzo Antonelli, who, like Saab’s wife, is also a fugitive from the Italian authorities.

Antonelli also acted as a front man for Saab, forming part of the firms created by Saab in his plot to launder Venezuelan corruption money. Fabri’s brother-in-law was the head of Adon Trading FZE and other companies in the Saab conglomerate, including Asasi Food FZC, Marilyns Proje Yatirim y Glemore Proje Insaat.

In April of this year it was also learned that Arianna and Patrizia Fiore, Camilla Fabri’s aunts, were arrested in Rome for links to a money laundering plot led by the so-called front man for Maduro.

The Italian authorities carried out these arrests after an arrest warrant was issued, in addition to the two women, also against their niece Camilla Fabri and Lorenzo Antonelli, who is also outside Italy.

The two detainees, 47 and 45 years old, respectively, are placed under house arrest. All were charged with criminal association and various causes related to money laundering, self-laundering and fraudulent transfer of assets.

The arrest warrants stemmed from a complex investigation that began three years ago. There a scandal of humanitarian aid for Venezuela was mixed, with accounts in complacent countries that protected the immense capital of Álex Saab. As he reported Corriere della Sera Saab seized part of the funds intended to help the population, passed them through Italy and then hid them in Russia and other tax havens.

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The 1.8 million euros previously seized in an account linked to Fabri, is the same amount that his two aunts would have pocketed in their attempt to shield the illicit origin of the money.

Kidnapped by Maduro?

During the long legal process to extradite Alex Saab to the United States, his current wife, the Italian model Camila Fabri, kept a reserved profile. In fact, her whereabouts were not exactly known.

Some reports placed her installed in Moscow, the capital of Russia, for months. For this reason, her arrival in Caracas in mid-October was surprising. Saab’s family, his wife and at least three children, would be under the power of the Chavista regime. In her appearance at a public event, Fabri looked uncomfortable and reiterated that, supposedly, her husband will not collaborate with the United States.

Fabri had previously tried to visit her husband while he was in Cape Verde. The authorities however did not approve the visas on time. Cape Verdean media reported that it was a political maneuver to put pressure on the small island country.

In Venezuela, Fabri has dedicated herself to leading rallies without much assistance in which she demands that the United States release her husband and in which she insistently repeats that Saab will not cooperate with the justice system in that country.

“Alex Saab will never back down. We have always been a very, very close family. Since he is kidnapped, so are we,” he added. He even presented a letter written by his partner in which he allegedly refuses to collaborate with the US justice system. “I have nothing to collaborate with the United States and I have not committed any crime. Let’s not allow ourselves to be defeated,” the text said.

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“I declare that I am in full use of my reason, that I am not suicidal, just in case they kill me and say that I committed suicide, something I would never do,” Fabri read during an act in the Bolívar square in Caracas.

The now “human rights defender” of the Chavista delegation in Mexico, wanted internationally by Italian justice and protected by the Maduro regime, will sit down to discuss key issues for the future of Venezuela, just for being the wife of Alex Saab.

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