Camilla Parker, her cooking skills, “culinary disasters” and the foods she loves to eat

Although 74 years old, Camilla Parker, Duchess of Cornwall, said she never learned to cook. What’s more, she never liked to experiment in the kitchen, and in the rare moments when she did it, there were “culinary disasters”. And these are her own words.

It was Camilla’s turn

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Camilla, who has been married to Britain’s Crown Prince Charles for years, has two children from her previous marriage. “I always cooked for the children as they grew up. I tried to feed them well. But I never loved adventures in the kitchen. When I was very young, I attended a cooking class in Sussex, but I never learned to cook really well,” he said. the duchess.

“And not only did I not succeed, I even had constant disasters in the kitchen. I could even publish a book with all my culinary failures,” Camilla added with a smile.

And Camilla probably doesn’t need to sit in the kitchen, given the large staff she and Charles have in their home.

Still, sometimes the Duchess is asked to prepare something personal for her husband. Some simpler things like fried fish with butter and herbs. Served with a salad prepared with vegetables directly from the garden – which Camilla herself takes care of. With the help of Charles.

“I love the vegetable garden, especially in the summer. I am very proud of my white peaches. My husband is an excellent gardener and we even compete for the fruits and vegetables that everyone grows.”

Besides fish, Camilla’s favorite dishes include beans. In combination with toast, writes Bang Premier.

Asked if the Duchess knew what she would choose for the last meal of her life, she said without hesitation: “My last dinner will probably include my own asparagus topped with lots of butter. and potatoes with fresh beans and peas from my garden.

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And why not to all this and a glass of rose. And since this will be my last dinner – there will probably be two glasses. “

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