Camilo and Evaluna cannot decide on the gender of Indigo and receive criticism

The popular singing couple Camilo y Evaluna Montaner, daughter of the renowned Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner, have been taking a lot of flak for “not making up their minds” about the gender of their baby Indigo, who is biologically a girl but they will give her the opportunity for her to decide her new gender is older.

Since Indigo, Camilo and Evaluna’s baby, was born, Internet users in social networks They have dedicated themselves to questioning her gender, since both singers had pointed out that the name Indigo was neutral to give her freedom to choose her identity when she is older and can make decisions.

On social networks, Internet users questioned them about why they refer to Indigo as “her” since from the beginning they had talked about a neutral identity. Other people affirm that this is “unnecessary”, since that decision could be made by her when she is of legal age and not now that she is just a little baby.

“They named her Indigo so as not to identify her with a gender but they call her…I don’t understand why they want to follow trends”. “How she?? not that she was a child ?? ”. “That gender conflict that they themselves caused scratches me. I don’t know how healthy it will be in the future?? “Because they are in absurd fashions, they are going to confuse that baby.” “Her name is Indigo but they call her her. Contradiction or does she seem to me? ”, She is read in various comments and criticisms made of the couple and their way of raising her baby.

And you, do you agree with the way that Camilo y Evaluna they raise Indigo?

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