Business Camino Real offers the safest welcome to its guests...

Camino Real offers the safest welcome to its guests in a new way


As part of the new reality in the country due to the health emergency, Camino Real Hotels, the iconic hotel group of Mexican hospitality, offers the safest welcome to all its guests.

The hotel group headed by Olegario Vázquez Aldir, General Director of Grupo Empresarial Ángeles, announced the Real Clean seal of guarantee, a program that establishes the protocols and standards of safety and hygiene in the facilities

The Real Clean seal arises from the formation of an anti-Covid-19 committee, where all the Group’s directors of operations and health advisors from Hospitales Ángeles, a sister company of Grupo Empresarial Ángeles, participate.

The Real Clean program integrates high disinfection protocols with nebulization equipment for sanitization, as well as the use of internationally certified products for disinfection of hotel facilities.

In addition, compliance control brigades, called the Be Clean Brigade, were assigned by hotel.

For 60 years Camino Real has been a brand committed to the well-being of its visitors and to the image that Mexico projects internationally, being the company of Olegario Vázquez Aldir one of the most committed to its clients.

As part of this new protocol of operation, explained Leandro Trejo General Director of Camino Real Hotels “the collaborators will carry sanitary equipment such as mouth covers, disposable gloves, surgical mask, disposable gown and antibacterial gel to guarantee the safety of our clients”

Also, there will be sanitization of all areas through nebulization and dividing glass in reception for safe and reliable attention of guests.

Among the new rules for visitors and guests, the following stand out: sanitary filter, healthy distance, no handshake to collaborators and filling out a registration form that will indicate if you can be considered a suspicious guest.

In the case of the rooms, each one of them will have a seal on the door indicating that it has been treated with certified hygiene and sanitation standards.

Disinfectant mist for all rooms.

Whites and towels treated under the strictest levels of cleanliness.

In the food service, a new assembly distribution is contemplated in the consumption centers respecting the official provision.

Printed menus that are cleaned before delivery to the customer and QR code option to view menu on the mobile phone.

Additionally, a new buffet service with hot line assistance and a cold bar with portioned products, presented in closed containers.

“With our program of safety and hygiene protocols, Real Clean goes through all the spaces of our hotels with complete tranquility.”




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