«Camp Kulinaris»: – Urgent to hospital:

PS! This case contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of “Camp Kulinaris”!

This year’s season of the cooking program “Camp Kulinaris” is well underway. Soon it will be time for the final week, and in a short time we will finally get the answer to who will run away with the big victory.

It is not to be underestimated that there have been other things than just cooking that have been in focus this season. Several of the participants have been involved in drama, and TV viewers have witnessed both loud screaming and arguing.

This week, however, something completely different is in focus.

In Tuesday’s episode, Terje Schrøder (57) suddenly disappears from the kitchen, after he told this week’s restaurant manager, Benedicte Adrian (57), that he did not feel well. The trip thus goes straight to the emergency room for a check.

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Ended up in hospital

It turns out to be a great loss for the other participants, who point out that it will be a very sad mood if it turns out that he will not return.

– Terje is one of the most important contributors to «Camp Kulinaris». It is really hard to lose such a large workforce, says Fetisha Williams in the episode.

However, Schrøder finally reappears during Wednesday’s episode, and explains the background for the necessary medical check.

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– I’m super happy to be back. It was a necessary trip to the emergency room. I felt in such bad shape, I fainted a couple of times. It turned out that I had the wrong heart rhythm, he says in the episode, and continues:

– I want to be here, now there are only a few days left and the final week begins. If I am going to crawl into the final week, or servers lying down, I will be there. Now I have decided, so then it will be the final week.

INJURY: Amalie Snøløs injures herself at «Camp Kulinaris»
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– Not kidding with the heart

The Great Garlic Girls member tells Dagbladet that someone in the production shouted at him and thought he looked bad. Schrøder himself did not feel so bad, but realized that it was wise to do a check.

– The heart beat arrhythmically. The heart rate dropped very low and we measured it several times to 23 and 21 beats. Then everyone decided that I had to go in for a check. I was rushed off at full speed, he says.

The 57-year-old had to be monitored until the next morning.

– I have had problems with high heart rate and blood pressure before, and had a heart operation just before I went to “Camp Kulianris”, he says, and continues:

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– I really should not be with, but thought I could try. I pulled it maybe a little too far and then my heart reacted to it.

Schrøder talks about a lot of stress during the participation and that even though they cook, the participants do not always take the time to eat routinely.

– I think many factors came into play. I’ve had it before too, but it’s important to check. The heart is not something you joke about, he continues.

Got acid damage

This is not the first time this season that health issues have been a topic. Influences Amalie Snøløs (24) managed earlier this season to accidentally confuse soap with machine cleaner, when she had to wash the floor.

– I took the machine cleaner in a bucket, and then I stood for half an hour and worked. It started to sting and the skin became like jelly – slipping off the hands. I showed it to the camera people, and said: “Look so strange, it’s a gel layer that falls off your hands”, Snøløs told Dagbladet, during the recording in Portør last summer.

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Throughout the evening, Snøløs began to feel great pain.

– It burned so much. I thought that the others would think I was a jerk, but I told Leif (Einar “Lothepus” Lothe journ.anm.) That it hurt my hands. He then cycled to the restaurant and fetched milk, and that helped a lot.

It all ended with an emergency room visit for the 24-year-old, who later had to retire as a result of the injuries.

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