Campaign ‘We are the medicine ourselves’ draws attention to…

Recent research shows that you can delay the risk and course of dementia by living a healthier life. Dementia cannot be cured and unfortunately there is no medicine available yet. Trying to prevent dementia is the best option we have. Completely preventing dementia is not possible. After all, other personal factors also play a role, such as heredity. However, there are a number of factors that you can influence. The sooner you start doing that, the better it is. Everyone can play an important role in this. By living healthier, you reduce the chance of developing this disease and slow down the course of the disease. Most people are not yet aware that you can partially reduce the risk of developing dementia yourself.

Lifestyle advice

By complying with the lifestyle advice, you ensure better brain health, but you also help prevent other serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. The campaign ‘We are the medicine ourselves’ focuses on 3 lifestyle advice:

  • Stay curious (have a goal, a hobby, learn something, have your own garden)
  • Eat healthy (lots of fruit and vegetables, don’t smoke)
  • Exercise regularly (go for a walk or swim, keep busy)

Help too The GGD West-Brabant is the initiator of the campaign together with regional dementia networks. Will you also help us by promoting the campaign? On the website find free posters and other materials, or mail to [email protected] For more information.

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