Campal – This box turns your car into a small camper


From a VW California or a Mercedes Viano dream all outdoor enthusiasts – but prices above 50,000 euros dampen the enthusiasm quickly. An alternative are conversion kits with which you can inexpensively convert a bus or a high-roof combination, so the bulky name for Caddy and Co., to a motorhome.

Of course, these sets do not make the car any bigger – in a Peugeot Rifter, even after the transformation into a micro motorhome, things are not as generous as a Hymer brummer. But the most important functions for a weekend in the great outdoors are on board.

The set Campal ForTwo comes from Great Britain and convinces with two arguments: First of all it is very reasonably priced with 1250 Euro. On top of that, it offers a functionality that other camping kits miss: in addition to sleeping accommodation and kitchen you can even use it to conjure a seating group.

To achieve this, the installation set is fundamentally different from other models. These are usually based on a box that fills the entire cargo space across. The module from Campal, however, leaves room in the middle to accommodate the feet, should the seating area be used. How that looks in detail, you can see in the photo gallery above.

Camping in the smallest car

If the original car is not very high, you sit a bit crouched at the table. In fine weather, the table can be set up with the existing tripod and folding chairs outdoors. The ForTwo can even be transformed into a sofa and a bed of at least 180 centimeters in length. Depending on the vehicle, the lying surface can also be larger. The “kitchen” is pulled backwards out of the basic box. In the drawers, the various kitchen utensils are housed. The space is enough for a canister with ten liters of water and a small portable gas burner.

Two people should only need about five to ten minutes to install the ForTwo, or dismantle again. Normally, the folded back seat remains in the car. You can also get the module for use with a converted rear seat, then you gain more storage space.

The Campal module weighs about 45 kilograms. However, you need a suitable storage room for the camping part. The kit is made to measure for a variety of cars. The price is 1250 euros – that is 1090 British pounds. Solo travelers may be better off with the Campal ForOne. It costs 750 pounds or 856 euros.

Source: Campal

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