Camping in Australia: Hungry kangaroos in front of the camper


ein a vast clearing, surrounded by eucalyptus trees. Parrots chatter in the air, an Emu struts over the entrance road to the first campground of our Victoria ride: The Lakeside Tourist Park in Grampians National Park is reached after 254 kilometers from Melbourne, in the unusual left-hand traffic. And now the reception committee lands: Sulfur-crested Cockatoos welcoming every newcomer.

“The guys have learned that,” explains our neighbor and comes over with a beer. “If you're new to the campground, you're welcome to get something out of the pantry. On the other hand, those who return from a trip back to their place, is no longer respected. Good day! I'm Peter.”

He comes from the tropical north of Queensland. “In summer it's too hot for me there. There I am always three, four months in Victoria and South Australia. I always find a job when I need it. “

In the motorhome through the vastness of Victoria

Such a guy as Peter would not have been in the minds of our friends back home when they heard about our travel plans. “Oh God, how stuffy! With the camper? “Was her first reaction. When they heard that it should go to Australia, the tide turned: “Wow! Excellent! There is an RV exactly the right thing! “

Immediately there are windows in the head, as if you already see the endless long roads, the vastness that disappear somewhere on the horizon in the nothing. Canada, the southwest of the US or Scandinavia would probably have landed in the “Wow!” Category as well.

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This type of travel suits to endless space, to the adventure of sparse infrastructure: Where there are eternally long distances and few accommodations, restaurants and shopping, the motorhome will be the ideal driving facility for exploring the most beautiful landscapes, home on four wheels, with kitchenette , Mini shower, toilet and a bed of 1.90 by 1.70 meters in size.

Koala female survives autotrip

In Australia, a koala female has climbed behind the tires of a car. When the car pulled away, the koala clung tight – at a stop, the driver noticed the whimpering and called the fire department.

On our pitch 129 are now connected power and water cable, the sewer line is laid, the camping table and the chairs are on the lawn. Since it is about 6 pm, the steaks are cut in and the bottle of Shiraz is opened. Outside, of course, in shorts and slippers – under the observation of a koala that mates its leaves well up in the eucalyptus tree.

Hungry kangaroos approach the camper

But not only we are planning a dinner under the Australian sky, the kangaroos are apparently hungry. Within minutes, the vast clearing right in front of our noses has filled with three to four dozen animals.

Most are grazing peacefully, a few cubs are playing and boxing a bit, a baby hatches out of the mother's bag and is amazingly tall. It reaches almost half of the mom, but disappears again and again in the bag. Now you have to understand something of math and volume. From the outside one thinks at least: It can not go that the grown-up boy still fits in the mother bag. But it works and Mrs. Mama tolerates it – at least.

Those who spend the night at Lakeside Tourist Park do not need to go hunting. There they come Roosas the Australians say to their kangaroos, almost to the motorhome: hungry and a little curious.

Victoria (Australia): Koalas are tree dwellers, they are reluctant to stay on the ground

Koalas are tree dwellers, they are reluctant to stay on the ground

Source: Getty Images

A few emus show up, rabbits lurch around, ducks waddle from nearby Fyans Creek. At ten to fifteen meters you can approach the animals and take pictures in peace. The kangaroos are watching people closely, but they are not fleeing.

If you spend the night in a hotel or motel in the Grampians, this nightly drama is hidden, because only the campers come to this glorious clearing. Elsewhere in Victoria and also in other states of Australia there are often only campgrounds within the national parks. Hotels and motels are mostly located outside.

The Great Ocean Road leads to the Twelve Apostles

Departure to the fabled Great Ocean Road with the world famous Twelve Apostles, arguably the most photographed rock pillars in Australia. Peter waves and wishes a good trip, but starts with a surprise. It rattles and rattles on the first meters, as if everything would break.

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The puzzle solution: We have given wrong! Because in the 8.1 square meters of living space of the Mercedes Euro Tourers every square centimeter is planned exactly. And those who do not pack correctly will be punished with a Schepper concert.

It's amazing what fits in the closet, drawers and compartments. Everything in the camper is concentrated in a confined space, and outside, just a few yards away, the sea shells, limited only on one side of miles of coastal roads.

Highway 100, as the Great Ocean Road is officially known, stretches 243 kilometers from Portfairy in the west to Torquay in the east, meanders high above the cliffs, past bizarre rock formations that stand in the sea as if they were sculptures.

Victoria (Australia): The Twelve Apostles are limestone rocks up to 60 meters high in the sea

The Twelve Apostles are up to 60 meters high, limestone cliffs in the sea

Source: Getty Images

Of the Twelve Apostles of limestone, eight are left, and erosion is already gnawing at them. “In 1990, the connection of the London Arch to the mainland crashed without warning into the sea,” explains a national park ranger some tourists from Japan. “When she broke up, vacationers were just on the rock bridge.”

A murmur goes through the group. “But miraculously, they were able to save themselves on the pier in the sea until they got a helicopter to safety.” The ranger has to endure a staccato of cell phone and tablet shots, as if he had been the hero of London Arch.

Fantastic hiking trails and fine sandy beaches

The Highway 100 disappears later in the hinterland, in Great Otway National Park. If you want to see the oldest lighthouse on the continent, take the spur road to the refurbished Cape Cape Otway. It's a good place to picnic: table out, fridge on. The motorhome makes it possible.

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Motorhomes and caravans are in, for stationary holidays and touring. In Germany, for example, the first quarter of 2019 was the best in history: there were 18,241 new registrations – so far never before. On the ferry from Queenscliff via Port Phillip Bay to Sorrento we count 23 vehicles; five of them are mobile homes.

About Phillip Island – the island with the evening penguin parade – it goes to the Wilsons Promontory National Park. Like the Grampians, it is one of the brand's 1-B National Parks: heard of it, it must be beautiful. Must be nice? The park is fantastic!

At the southernmost point of the Australian mainland, it is round and reddish: So show the Boulders, huge eroded granite rocks. They frame wonderfully fine sandy beaches. And best of all: Countless hiking trails lead across the peninsula with its rich flora and fauna.

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Only the campground we do not like this time, he resembles a sober parking lot. A nice parking space in the nature we find a few kilometers outside the park in Walkerville. The welcome squadrons are red-blue Pennant Parrots. Our motorhome parks exactly 18 steps above a sprawling beach. The wood for the evening fire is already provided.

But now there's a glass of Sparkling, ice cold from the fridge. Sparkling, so bubbly, the Aussies call their sparkling wine. And just as bubbling are the waves and the expanse of the sea beyond. 8.1 square meters of space are just 8.1 square meters, which make the great freedom possible.

Victoria (Australia)

Source: Infographic WORLD

Tips and information for Australia

Getting there: For example with Cathay Pacific over Hong Kong. Alternatively flies Singapore Airlines via Singapore. For Australia, a visa is required, available free of charge,

Providers: A cheap motorhome, suitable for 2 persons, with sleeping accommodation, unlimited free kilometers, insurance package, from / to Melbourne costs for 2 weeks from 231 euros, such as CamperDays ( At TUI Camper ( costs a similar offer from 299 euros for 2 weeks, including the TUI Plus package with 24-hour support for questions and crisis management; a comfortable camper with toilet and shower and sand heating and cooling costs from 456.95 euros for 2 weeks.

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