Camps’ defense accuses Anticorruption of "a pathological persecution" for 14 years out of interest "political"

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The last pending trial against Francisco Camps for the Gürtel case has been seen for sentencing this Thursday with an intervention by his defense against the Anti-Corruption theses, which asks for a year in prison for the former Valencian president for influence peddling in favor of the corrupt plot.

Camps himself wanted to be present in the Court – he could have excused himself like almost everyone else on the bench – to make use of the right to the last word. But just to “thank” the court’s work, a kind message after two hours of hard intervention by his lawyer against the actions of the Public Ministry.

“We come to ask for justice in the face of the media trial promoted by the Prosecutor’s Office, which for 14 years, with psychopathological continuity, has been persecuting my sponsor mercilessly, with an interest evidently exceeding the limits of the Fiscal Statute and the Prosecution Law. Criminal”, the lawyer began Pablo Delgado.

The defense has specified the profile of that interest of the Prosecutor’s Office. “It is said by him that he insinuates who the Prosecutor’s Office depends on,” he said, in reference to the phrase of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, referring to the control of the Executive by the Public Ministry. “It is not this part that has brought politics to the trial,” he added, recalling that the Valencian socialists have accompanied the Prosecutor’s Office in the accusations against Camps.

The report in Camps’ defense has also protested the Prosecutor’s Office’s statement that Valencia’s ways of doing things “are different.” “That is not right, that is an offensive statement for an administration and an exemplary community in everything and for its rulers, those of now and those of before, who have suffered a merciless campaign of persecution where the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and the PSOE have shared slogan and accusation”.

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