Can Coloring Cause Hair Loss?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – People who frequently change hair color often complain about side effects, one of which is hair loss. But is it true that hair dye can cause hair loss?

Rebecca Marcus, a board-certified dermatologist, says that in general, hair dye does not cause hair loss, nor does it affect the body’s ability to grow hair. This is because hair dyes target individual hair strands and deposit color on the outside of the hair shaft, as is the case with semi- and semi-permanent hair colors, or penetrate the hair cuticle when using permanent hair dyes or bleaching.

Hair dye does not penetrate the scalp and therefore does not reach the hair follicles, which determines growth. But, it’s different if you experience an allergic reaction. If the inflammation reaches the level of the follicles on the scalp, it can potentially cause hair loss.

“You’ll probably notice inflammation and experience ongoing scalp sensitivity, redness, peeling, pain, stinging, itching and general irritation. If you suspect that’s the case, it’s time for medical intervention, so call your doctor,” he said, as quoted Real Simple.

Another factor to consider is cycles hair. Marcus notes that if your hair is in the resting (telogen) phase, which results in normal loss within two to three months, dyeing your hair can accelerate hair loss. “About five to 10 percent of the hair on the head is in telogen at any given time and is therefore prone to this type of hair loss.”

The Link between Dye and Hair Damage

However, if you experience hair loss after coloring, it is most likely due to hair damage.

John Kahen, hair surgeon and founder of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, says the chemicals in hair dye damage the proteins in the hair shaft, which can cause hair to weaken and break. “The damage usually occurs around the ends of the hair that has been colored [atau diproses] many times in the past or have used the heater for many years.”

While the damage usually occurs at the bottom of your strands (the oldest and most damaged part of your hair), serious damage from hair dye can cause it to break in the middle of the shaft or even around the very top.

“Try to minimize coloring to no more than once every six weeks, and don’t use too much heat styling to further damage the hair shaft,” she says.

Minimizing hair damage from hair dye

Anyone who colors hair certainly wants every strand to stay healthy. Here are the tips.

-Do a test run

It’s a little tedious, but completing a patch test can avoid a lot of trouble.

-Use deep conditioning treatment

“After using hair dye, especially if it contains bleach, it’s a good idea to nourish your hair. Try using hair masks with hydrating ingredients,” says Kahen

-Dry naturally

Dry your hair as often as possible to minimize heat styling. If you have to blow out, try drying your hair 60-80 percent first.

-Use a special conditioner

If you like changing colors, consider a color-holding conditioner instead. It deposits rich pigment to the outside of the hair and nourishes it at the same time.

-Use special products for colored hair

These products will not only help your hair color last longer, but can also help nourish and strengthen dye-affected hair.

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