Can ‘Melty Blood’ quench the fans’ long thirst?

▲ 2021 was the year that surprised subculture users from the first day. Hopefully this will become a reality…

After all, 2021 will be quite a monumental year for subculture users from a long time ago. Even jokingly, all the hopes and tortures of the earth would be destroyed if at least one of the three were fulfilled. The development and release of the remake of ‘Wolhee’ was one of them. The news had no choice but to interest subculture users. This is because it is a monumental work first formed by a team called Type Moon, which now exerts an absolute influence in subculture, and the point where their unique style and style began 20 years later.

When the news was announced at the event announcing the beginning of 2021, some users also paid attention to the whereabouts of another work, ‘Melty Blood’. ‘Melty Blood’, a series that started with Wolhee’s doujin fighting game, was like a rain of drought for users waiting for news of Wolhee from the release of Melty Blood in 2002 to Melty Blood Actless Again Current Code in 2010. am.

Melty Blood initially started as a doujin game, so it showed a poor balance and a rather poor quality, but it has been supported by fans for its technology faithful to the worldview of Wolhee and the passionate acting of the voice actors. Thanks to this, he presented a progressively improved system and a later story that stimulates the fans’ hearts every time he went through the work, and it has become a work that Wolhee’s fans can’t help but be drawn to. As such, when the release of the Melty Blood type Lumina following the release of the remake of Wolhee was decided, the so-called sweethearts must have cheered.

▲ Moreover, for the first time in the history of the series, it was surprising that the Korean language was supported from the beginning.

In particular, this Melty Blood-type Lumina was a work that fans could not help but look forward to since it officially supports Korean from the beginning of release rather than a patch for the first time in Melty Blood’s history. Moreover, Wolhee does not support Korean and is reluctant to translate it into Korean. Moreover, it is released on a console rather than a PC, so it is difficult to prescribe the last drug used at the end of the user Korean patch. Now, would you say that the Melty Blood type Lumina is almost the only way to appease the burning fans? Even if you can speak Japanese, you don’t need to be prepared to see Nasu Kinoko’s unique, bizarre style with his own code shoved here and there for 40 hours of playtime.

“What is that?” If you’re a user who hasn’t played Wolhee before, or who hasn’t seen Type Moon’s work, or has no interest in subculture, the reaction will probably be chilly by now. If you were a person who had enjoyed major 2D fighting games for a long time, but came in thinking that it was a friendly work made with dots while everything was changing to 3D, you would not have been surprised by this temperature difference.

In conclusion, Melty Blood is a series that naturally responds like this. It is a work that started as a doujin game in the first place, and one of the development teams specializes in outsourced production of several fighting games, but they are still active as a doujin team. And the other place is still criticized for being a doujin mind. However, this time, I can see that it is a ‘spoiler’ that has been accumulated over the past 20 years in the industry. With just a little bit of love, I would say that it has an engine that can accelerate explosively in an instant.

game name : Meltyblood: Type Lumina
Genre name : Fighting fighting action
release date : 2021.09.30.

developer : Type Moon, French bread
service : Delight Works
platform : PC, PS, Nintendo Switch

The world of Wolhee seen through a renewed graphic that fills fans’ hearts just by looking at it

As mentioned earlier, ‘Melty Blood’ was a work that had to be supported by fans first. It’s not because it’s a doujin game, it’s because the low quality that came to mind immediately came to mind before the series developed to a certain extent. It’s like the reactions of people who saw Wolhee’s character illustration for the first time without knowing anything back then. It’s a personal experience, but back in the days when Wolhee was first known through the community in Korea, some of the club members saw Takeuchi’s illustrations at that time and said, “Even if I draw, I’ll draw better than that.”

2D illustration and dots are different from each other other than 2D, but the quality of dots is not very good, so depending on the person, how much bean pods are needed? In fact, even in the early 2000s, it was a good time to see the most beloved characters in the subculture game moving, so there were no barriers to entry for subculture users. Instead, it was a time when there was no choice but to doubt whether it would be satisfactory in the eyes of ordinary gamers.

Now let’s turn our eyes to 2021. Not only dot, but also subculture games such as high-quality 2D sprites and 3D cartoon rendering have developed to the point of being close to a quantum jump over the past few years in each graphic style. It’s not just that the character of affection moves, but even ‘how much quality’ is now established as a firm yardstick for evaluating games with virtue.

▲ Speaking of latte, my heart was pounding just looking at those early drawings, but it’s better to have developed (huh?)

Even if you look at it from such a scale, this time, Melty Blood definitely showed a noticeable improvement. First of all, the staircase phenomenon was significantly reduced, revealing the outlines clearly, and the expression became more delicate that much. Although it is rare to find a fighting game that uses dots in recent years, it is not far behind compared to the latest works in the series that have a long history.

Since one of the development teams was involved in the series, it was natural, but several developments in the technique stood out. Not only dots, but animation cutscenes and 3D effects are also naturally melted, so I would say that it is now at a level where we would not be ashamed to put it out among other 2D fighting games. It is such a remarkable change that fans will be thrilled. In addition, the classic sensibility is melted in high quality, so users who enjoyed 2D fighting games may be a little dazed. The movement of attractive characters drawn with neat dots with minimal stair effects and the special moves that reveal each character’s individuality while adding animation cutscenes are reminiscent of the final development of the classic 2D fighting game before it was converted to 3D. .

In addition, the background realized in 3D was naturally melted between the 2D characters to the extent that it was not felt that it was made in 3D. If the development team hadn’t said that it was made in 3D when it was first announced, I would say that it would have been just made in 2D. In the remake of Wolhee, the setting was changed to Soya City instead of Misaki City, and I felt the change as much as the remodeling.

Of course, the fans may have exaggerated a bit, but it is true that the series, which I heard as a doujin game, has developed quite a bit after Kang San changed once. The fun of meeting characters such as Arcueid, Shiki, Akiha, and Ciel with the updated graphics is something that fans do not want to miss.

▲ Clean dots, 3D background with 2D feel, and animation cutscenes are enough to satisfy fans.

Exciting and fast-paced battles that have been gently polished to a system as complex as the worldview

That said, you will know what kind of genre a fighting game is without having to explain it. Isn’t it a game only played by representatives? As with major fighting games, a subculture with a smaller user pool, and even a game that came from a doujinshi, is easy to accumulate like a skeleton.

In particular, isn’t Wolhee the basis of this Melty Blood? Let’s think back to the old days when the type-moon work first hit Korea. The average person sees it as a middle-aged bottle, but once you get addicted to it, it has a strange taste that makes you dig into it and see it. Latte is a good word to sound like this, but I wonder if there are dozens of cases where the infamous Daldeok meme will appear even now as it mixes with Cyworld sentiment and is sealed in the Cyworld server. If you look at the few cases that have survived to this day, it’s a bit daunting, so I’m afraid just thinking about what kind of aftershock will come when the seal is lifted.

The chat ends here. The bottom line is that it is a work based on a style that is somewhat different from the ‘normal’ feeling that Melty Blood often speaks of. Wolhee itself, which is the basis of that work, is such a work. In any case, as we focused on revitalizing such a worldview and style, of course, there was no choice but to have a much more complex system and setting than other 2D fighting games. In addition to the commonly thought of gauges and guards, there were concepts and systems that would be bewildering to users who first encountered them, such as shields, magic circuits, circuit openings, and React, and the explanations for them were not very friendly. Literally, I would say ‘If you don’t know, you have to be right’.

▲ The tutorial and guide system have been refined to improve accessibility

In Melty Blood: Type Lumina, even if it was remade, the worldview itself was so twisted that the complex system was not completely eliminated. Instead, the introductory process was refined by simplifying the command, giving the input judgment a little more, and adopting a ‘rapid beat’ that completes a combo by just pressing the basic attack button.

This change was a trend in other 2D-based fighting games, but it worked even better in Melty Blood: Type Lumina. This is because Melty Blood itself had a complex original system, and if you didn’t know anything about it, you had no choice but to be right. So, there were quite a few times when beginners struggled to see the story of their children until the end, but got frustrated from the story mode. Even if you don’t know that now, if you know how to do a rapid beat, you can get a certain amount of definite hits.

In addition, common commands, command simplification, and input judgment were overlapped, and if you had some fighting game experience, you could compose combos more easily than before. At the very least, by inserting the representative Special Move Commands 236A, B, or C between the rapid beat and gatling combinations, it was possible to extract decent damage. Unlike the past when the input was a little tight because the body moves quickly, the commands are easy and the first input is also good, so even a beginner could use the basic combo right away with some practice. Whether or not it can be used in practice is a separate issue, but it still gives enough space to poke a hole in the middle of being beaten in multiplayer and aim for a counterattack.

▲ Rapid Beat + Special Move + Air Tracking Rapid Beat allows you to quickly create plausible combos

Tutorials, training menus, and system explanations are also well equipped, so users who did not know the previous series could check and polish information at any time. In particular, detailed settings for users who want to master the combo over and over again, such as redoing or repeating from the beginning in case of failure in combo missions, were also faithful. In the command list, tips for canceling jumps and additional strokes are well written, and frame information is also displayed when the input key is exposed in practice mode. It might be a trivial part, but if you accumulate such trivial parts, you tend to be concerned. In particular, since I had to go back and forth between the actual and practice modes until I got used to fighting games to some extent, I could feel such minor inconveniences greatly. As such, it is inevitably more noticeable that the latest trends are quickly combined and that attention to detail is taken into account.

Of course, a fighting game is a game in which you compete with your opponent on a one-to-one basis under fair conditions. Being easier for me means that it has become easier for the other person as well. So, if you’re a master, there’s a risk that you won’t miss a single combo, slash it like a knife, or block your breath by applying an easier combo. Moreover, since Melty Blood is a series where infinite combos were found every time in the early version, and balance issues were raised, there is no choice but to be concerned.

Fortunately, the infinite combo problem disappeared this time, but another problem arose due to the reduced risk of the shield system. After defending the opponent’s attack with a shield, if you additionally input A, B, etc., you will counterattack. If you press the shield at the right time for the counterattack again, it becomes possible to counterattack after defending.

Of course, it is difficult to repeat infinitely because the timing is shorter as you go later. However, if you look at the content such as Boss Rush, it seems that the plan was for beginners to ambitiously counterattack with a shield to seize an opportunity, but it was difficult to get a hand on the master because even that did not work at all. At the best, I had a chance to counterattack, but instead of holding my breath, it turned out to be a worse situation than just guarding. Thankfully, it allowed the story to be broken. I’m glad it gave me a little more breathing.

▲ The fact that there is room for counterattack is inevitable.

Insufficient volume to fill fan service, frequent errors in the PC version

There was a bit of noise, but anyway, the interior is as tidy as the stylishly changed exterior, so it was enough for fans to try. In any case, isn’t it a series that prioritizes fan games from the start and fills the fan’s heart? In addition to that, efforts to improve the quality of the game have paid off, so the fan’s heart accelerates and continues to play.

However, it was a bit vague to say that the content was supported to keep it going as the fire was burning fiercely. First of all, it was a big hit that the characters were reduced compared to the previous works. Of course, this was predictable. With the remake of Wolhee, the character lineup was changed, and the routes only came out with Arcueid and Ciel routes, and the story was also partially changed, so changes were inevitable in Melty Blood based on this.

So it is said that it is understood that the characters are reduced, but even taking this into account, the volume of the story is quite small. If I exaggerated a bit, it was all about showing only scenes where the characters meet briefly, and only passing through the story behind the scenes. Even though it was originally a series like that, even the brief face-to-face scenes were short and rare. It only happens three times per character, and that’s it. In the ‘Boss Rush’ mode, which comes out after all the characters’ stories are finished, it is comforting to have the whole story that uses the gag quest feel of Nasu Ginoko, but it is a volume that makes me think that it would have been desperate without it. . Isn’t this the average error? Something that covers the rest of the lack of one special feature, that it’s good on average, or that it’s all similar when you average it out, so it’s something that you miss if you compare only with simple numbers.

▲ It’s a combination I’ve been waiting for, but… Bring more, no, bring it all.

▲ Still, I’m glad that I managed to get some taste of the side story while overcoming difficulties.

Since the recent trend in fighting games has filled these parts with DLC, it could be said that they went in that direction. However, the DLC is an additional order concept, not the portion that appears in the dishes you order right now. Waiting until the DLC when the amount of food you ordered right now isn’t enough to fill your stomach isn’t the same as telling them to endure their hunger until then. There are perks and other elements, but it is not enough to endure hunger with just a round voice or things like that. Of course, fans of ancient relics who have been waiting for Wolhee like a fossil from a very long time ago might be delighted with even a drop of water, but the power of human desire is once ignited, isn’t it beyond imagination? There’s no way the fan’s heart, once on fire, will pass so smoothly. Crying out a little more, a little more might put your patience to the test. At least because it’s a type moon, they give a grace period while looking at the rumors that have accumulated over and over, otherwise, the fandom’s thirst is not so strong that I wonder if it would be insignificant.

Fortunately, unlike the previous Melty Blood series, this Melty Blood series has a fairly well-equipped network battle. Ranked matches are well done according to the latest trends, and there are basic things such as waiting for training. It is also equipped to some extent in terms of setting conditions, so it is not possible to match opponents that you can not even touch at all. Of course, it’s a game with so many dead people, so you can win just because it’s the same C rank.

However, the PC version is an exception. After playing two rounds, there is no room for bouncing or timeout, so it is often necessary to catch a match again. I wonder if a Japanese pro gamer’s Twitter came out saying that the PC version could not be done, so we had to use the PS version. Fortunately, the October 1st patch said it got better, but the crashing or the debug window appeared more often than I thought. There is no bouncing after getting a match and entering the game, but after two or three rounds, it often crashes or times out while trying to get a match. Moreover, since it is a game that does not support cross-platform, there was a concern that the matching time would become longer as the PC version went on.

▲ Ugh, why is it like this after only playing a few Ranked Matches?

▲ Anyway, we are patching it, so we need to keep an eye on it.

Unlike Fate, Wolhee was produced during the time when Type Moon was a member of the doujin team, and after that, media mixing was carried out, but it did not achieve the same results as the Fate series. It was even heard that the animation was a black history because of the jagged drawing. Afterwards, several works that shared the worldview were released one after another, but they did not get as much response as the Fate IP, and those who delve a little deeper know the rest and only know the approximate context. And based on this, Melty Blood was a more minor series. I wanted to unravel the story from the point of view of having encountered such a thing, but there are memes about such things. And from the point of view of writing a review, this should be avoided. Virtue as a ‘fan’ is also important, but before that, it doesn’t make sense without discussing the quality as a ‘game’.

So, after playing Melty Blood: Type Lumina, I was satisfied. It was a series in which the mind of “only interested people come” was felt in the balance that seemed to have loosened somewhere, but in this work, the feeling of taking off such a tee was clearly evident. Of course, that’s not to say it’s popular. Unlike the old days, the fighting game genre itself has been a fanatic genre for a long time, and the style of the type moon itself is a style that is extremely fond of original tastes. And Melty Blood is also a work that is in close contact with that ‘root’. There is a context for that, but anyway, since we have the basics, it means that we are happy to be able to evaluate that something like that is worth playing once. Of course, as fighting games that employ 2D dot graphics are already on the decline, there is something happy about the quality that can be proudly introduced as one of the new works that can give you that feeling.

▲ Although the character lineup has been partially modified in the Wolhee remake, it is a pity that the number of characters is quite small.

This is not to say that the balance is really good, or that it is something that even beginners to 2D fighting games can enjoy step by step with peace of mind. If you look at the character pick rate, there is a tendency to focus on Arima Miyako and some other strong characters. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, there is a counter-attack of counterattack, so beginners can get hit without being able to defend or counterattack properly while they’re at a loss.

Still, from the point of view of fan service, you can enjoy everything that you can enjoy, and you can experience the confrontation of your favorite characters that are quite fast and powerful, so I would say that this is a pretty decent title from the standpoint of satisfying the fan’s heart. Single-player feels a little weak, but considering the number of modes and the play time, it’s average, so it’s not bad to enjoy in moderation. However, the amount is not enough to completely fill that fan’s heart, so I think it would be a way to see the opportunity and buy it after a little more. It will depend on how much you want to satisfy your thirst for a long time right now, or whether you will endure the waiting a little longer while waiting for the DLC and the full version that may come out.


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