Can play without PS4! Sony’s classic masterpiece “God of War” will be on the PC platform next year

(Photo/Flip from Sony’s official blog)

In the past, if you wanted to play Sony Game Studio’s works, the only option was to buy a Playstation console. Now players have a new choice! Sony Officially announcedThe popular “God of War” (2018 version) on the PS4 platform will officially appear on the PC platform.

“God of War” will be officially launched on PC on January 15, 2022, and is currently available for pre-order on Steam and Epic Game. Sony said that “God of War” will provide 4K resolution and unlock frame rate, while supporting GTAO and SSDO to enhance the ambient light shielding pipeline,NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling Technology (DLSS), in order to make use of the hardware strength of PC computers, players can also connect externally DualShock joystick to play.

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According to official statistics, as of August 2021, “God of War” has sold 19.5 million units on the PS4 platform. In the event voted by IGN a few days ago, “God of War” even defeated GTA and became the “best game in history” in the minds of players. The position in the game market in recent years is extraordinary.

Previously, Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan revealed that there will be more PlayStation first-party works coming to PC computers. This time, “God of War” will follow “Death Stranding”, “Horizon: Looking Forward to Dawn” and other cross-platform debuts, echoing the previous The argument. However, from the current operation point of view, if players want to play the latest works at the first moment, PS5 may still be the first choice.

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