Can the new Renault Logan Stepway replace the Duster, the self-discovered expert


After the appearance of LADA Vesta Cross, the French brand decided not to lag behind and offered its cross version of the popular sedan. If such a machine can replace the "Duster", said the blogger.

At the head of the "Simple opinion" channel they shared their impressions of the Renault Logan Stepway, whose main differences were increased up to a height of 195 mm, wide wheels and a plastic protection kit. Unfortunately, in all models, alloy wheels are not available, only fake jets. Not provided for this car and rear disc brakes.

Also on the Logan Stepway, the old side mirrors are still installed, which are easily contaminated. The steering wheel is adjustable only in height, but not on the flight. But the model boasts a spacious interior. It is worth noting that the plant started to put the gas stop bonnet, and also took care of its soundproofing.

Under the bonnet are installed three types of engines with a capacity of 82, 102 and 113 liters. to. The choice of available "mechanical" buyers, automatic transmission and CVT.

In the winter, drivers of "cars" often face the fact that it is difficult for them to drive in the snow-covered construction sites, so many people buy Renault Duster for driving in the city. "Why now Duster?", – asked the surveyor.

According to the blogger, in such a situation it is wiser to buy Logan Stepway, because for less money a motorist will get a better equipped car, which does not fear Russian winter roads.

However, the cross-hatchback is not able to completely replace the "Duster". Renault Logan Stepway is only front-wheel drive, it has no imitation locks.



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