Can the US research agency Darpa be a role model for Germany?


Mr. Sattelberger, Mr. Pierce has mentioned the Sputnik shock: The Darpa was founded out of the fear of falling behind the Soviet Union. What is the German Sputnik shock?
Thomas Sattelberger: Urgent for us is above all that we are stuck between the two jump innovators USA and China, almost like the lettuce leaf in a sandwich. Incidentally, between innovation countries such as Switzerland and Belgium. Germany's sputnik shock is the impending crash of our innovative power. That's why, among other things, we absolutely and urgently need such an agency. The challenge is not to repeat what others already know: Self-driving cars are already on their way to the market. We need to address other, future-oriented challenges: space mining, defeating cancer, intermodal mobility hubs in metropolitan areas.


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