can we fear a double epidemic in France?

British health authorities worried about a double contamination this winter. The flu could indeed wreak havoc in addition to Covid-19 in France.

After a fourth wave, the epidemic of Covid-19 seems under control in France. Monday, October 11, Public Health France noted 1120 cases in 24 hours. The big vaccination campaign seems to have paid off since more than 50 million French people have received at least a first dose of vaccine.

However, with winter coming, many scientists are worried about double contamination. As the UK struggles to extricate itself from the health crisis, the country’s health authorities have announced an “uncertain” end of the year, according to The Parisian. Contamination with Covid-19 and simultaneously with the flu could be fatal for the most fragile people.

We should be worried about flu epidemics every winter. I think most people don’t not realize how fatal this virus can be“, British Health Security Agency chief executive Jenny Harries told SkyNews. So what will happen in France?

A double epidemic in France?

If there is a vaccine against the flu, the virus will circulate well in France this winter. However, even if the French must remain vigilant and continue to respect barrier gestures, they must not panic. There are unlikely to see a double outbreak in France this winter.

That a person can contract them at the same time and transmit one of the two strains more has not yet been demonstrated, recalled Mircea T. Sofonea, epidemiology at the University of Montpellier in the columns of the Parisian. Nonetheless, if a person contracts Covid-19, they have a high chance of getting the flu a few weeks later. “When we are in the process of recovery, our immunity decreases, and we are therefore more vulnerable“, explained the scientist.

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Winter is therefore still likely to be harsh and France is not yet out of the health crisis. In order to avoid getting the flu and Covid-19, everyone will need to remain vigilant. Finally, the elderly should not ignore the vaccine flu and should not forget their third dose against the coronavirus either.

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