Canada. Totten Mine in Ontario. The miners trapped underground climb up ladders to the surface

39 miners are stuck deep underground in a mine in eastern Canada after an elevator shaft was blocked. Some of them climb up ladders, which means up to ten hours of climbing. According to the latest announcement, 35 of them have already reached the surface. The rescue operation of the other four miners is underway.

“It’s a complex situation where every precaution is taken to ensure the safety and well-being of miners and everyone involved in the evacuation,” Nick Larochelle, chairman of the local miners’ union, said on Tuesday. – The rescue operation is underway, the families of the remaining four miners are kept informed about its progress – he added.


Miners are stuck underground at Totten Mine in Sudbury, Ontario. It happened on Sunday morning after an accident that blocked the elevator shaft, reported the CTV station. 39 men were not hurt, they had access to food and water. They could communicate with the families by phone.

Totten Mine in Sudbury, CanadaReuters

Miners at Totten Mine in Sudbury, OntarioReuters

A kilometer of climbing after several dozen hours underground

The miners, dispersed in several groups, were stuck at a depth of 1,200 to 900 meters underground.

The exhausted men must climb ladders to the surface. They use a harness to keep from falling off while climbing. The weakest and exhausted people are pulled up with ropes by rescuers.

35 out of 39 miners were safely evacuated from the mine within 48 hours.

Miners at Totten Mine in Sudbury, CanadaReuters

Shawn Rideout, an Ontario mining rescuer, said on Tuesday that workers had already been in the shaft for more than 35 hours when the first of them began their climb. As he said, climbing the mountain can take up to 10 hours, every 100 meters they can take a break.

“Everyone is safe, everyone is in a good mood, we have no injuries reported.” Our plan is to get them to the surface in the same condition, he said.

Vale employs around 200 people in the Sudbury copper, nickel and precious metals mine.

Totten Mine in Sudbury, CanadaReuters

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Main photo source: Reuters

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