Business Canadian brewery apologizes after mistakenly naming its beer "pubic...

Canadian brewery apologizes after mistakenly naming its beer “pubic hair”

A brewery in the Canadian province of Alberta has apologized for naming one of its beers with a Maori name meaning “pubic hair” and not “feather” as it believed, according to CBC.

Alberta brewery Hell’s Basement (Hell’s Basement) put up for sale two years ago a beer called “Huruhuru – The Feather” (Huruhuru – the feather), brewed with New Zealand hops, supposedly give lightness and a little citrus taste ideal for summer, according to its designers.

But earlier this week, Te Hamua Nikora, a Maori, explained on Facebook that in the language used by Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, the word Huruhuru did not mean feather but rather pubic hair, pointing out that ‘ it would have been “prudent and respectful” to consult an expert on Te Reo Maori, the language of the Maori.

Brewery boss Mike Patriquin said in a message to CBC that he did not intend “to appropriate or offend Maori culture or people” and that he was “apologizing to all those who may have felt offended ”.

“We recognize that we did not consider that Huruhuru could be understood as a reference to pubic hair in the common tongue and that consulting a Maori representative would have been a better reference than consulting online dictionaries,” a- he added.

Mr. Patriquin has also indicated that he intends to rename his beer.

Mr. Nikora had also taken part on Facebook a leather goods store opened recently in Wellington, also called Huruhuru.


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