Canarian Coalition leaders rebel against supporting Sánchez while they govern with the PP

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The PSOE has put Pedro Sánchez’s investiture on track in the last few hours and everything seems to indicate that it will achieve the necessary majority in the first vote. It will do so thanks to having closed, after the pact with Junts and ERC, two agreements with the PNV and, on Friday, with the Canarian Coalition that significantly expand the parliamentary base that will give approval to a new coalition Executive formed by the socialists and Sumar.

However, the agreement between the PSOE and CC has generated serious turbulence within the latter formation. Senior party officials are suspicious of the understanding Ferraz at a time when the socialists have come remarkably close to the demands of the independence movement.

Some internal divergences that were manifested in the meeting of the party’s national executive in which the possible agreement was discussed, and that continue to emerge in this countdown towards Sánchez’s investiture, scheduled for the end of next week.

Different voices from the party consulted by this newspaper report the different points of view existing within the Canarian nationalist formation on the pact with the PSOE in the conclave held to address the position regarding the investiture. They consider that it is not a good agreement for the party, but they abide by it because of the impact they hope the agreement with the PSOE will have on the archipelago for the next term in relation to the agenda of the Canary Islands, where CC governs in alliance with the PP.

A thesis that was already defended by the Secretary of Organization of the party, David Toledowhen asserting that the Canarian Coalition would vote in favor in the investiture due to “responsibility” with the archipelago, despite being “opposed” to the amnesty: “Yes, we can change that the Canary Islands count for the State as one of the priorities in the next legislative agenda “.

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