Canary Coalition informs the King that he has not negotiated with the PSOE and UPN confirms his no to "Sánchez, Otegi, Puigdemont and Junqueras"

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The second vice president of the acting Government, Yolanda Díaz, now affirms that “she is far” from reaching an agreement with Pedro Sánchez to be part of his future Executive and, in this sense, she has refused to clarify the vote of her 31 deputies in the face of a foreseeable attempted investiture of the socialist. The leader of Sumar has come forward with these statements after the meeting she held this afternoon with the King within the framework of the round of consultations called by the Monarch to designate a new candidate for the investiture.

Díaz has explained that since last August he placed on the socialist leader’s table a document with a long list of proposals that, if accepted, would allow him to accept being part of the future Executive. It is about this document that she assures that there is still no agreement although she hopes that the negotiations will reach a successful conclusion soon.

The position maintained today by Díaz is interpreted as a kind of staging with a view to ensuring a substantial presence of his party in an eventual Government chaired by Pedro Sánchez.

Yolanda Díaz has assured, in fact, that we will “get a progressive Government” although she has stated that “the positions are still far away.” “Today there is no agreement,” she insisted before warning that her party is not satisfied “with what was achieved in the last legislature.”

His objective, as he explained, is to launch a social agenda that “gains rights and is plurinational.” It would be about expanding labor rights, achieving “fiscal democracy”, negotiating a new regional financing system and bringing forward Spain’s commitments in the fight against climate change to 2030.

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