Canary Coalition opens to support Feijóo and transfers all the pressure to the PSOE 10 days after voting for the Table of Congress

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New movement on the political board: Canarian Coalition (CC) is willing to support an eventual investiture of the leader of the winner of the elections, Alberto Núñez Feijóoonce ruled out “the participation of Vox in a future government led by the PP”.

In this way, the party that will have as its representative in Congress the deputy Cristina Valid transfers all the pressure to the PSOE 10 days after the composition of the Board of the Lower House is decided. If your vote is added to the bloc on the right, it would add one more seat than the potential partners of Pedro Sanchezwho would no longer be worth it just with an abstention from Junts.

In CC they continue to show their predisposition to sit down and talk about the problems of the Canary Islands “with whoever is going to appear for the investiture”, which includes the acting president. “But one of our Red linesthat of Vox in the Government, no longer exists, so it seems that this alternative of dialogue and support is open, “they specify.

For its part, the PP points out that with the resignation of the party of Santiago AbascaDemanding to be part of a government in exchange for their votes has managed to secure the support of its 33 representatives. In addition, they highlight that today they have not only achieved the support of the UPN deputy, but also “the Central Electoral Board has shielded seat 16, for a total of 137, for the province of Madrid.”

“At this moment, after winning the elections with the best percentage of the vote for the Popular Party since 2011, after climbing 48 seats, and after being the first president of the PP to win the general elections on the first try and after only 16 months in office , Feijóo has 171 votes in favor to preside over a government alone”, they underline in the direction of Genoa.

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