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Canceled Project RagTag was supposed to be “the best Star Wars game of all time”

When EA and Disney signed an exclusive rights agreement for Star Wars game adaptations in 2013, perhaps only the greatest pessimists could imagine what would turn out in the end. After seven years, we have two average ones Battlefronty (while the other one still caused a microtransaction hurricane at its start) and last year was successful Jedi: Fallen Orderwhich, however, like one swallow, does not spring.

We would count many more canceled projects. One of the potentially most interesting is the one codenamed RagTag, which was worked on by the Visceral Games studio (authors of the series Dead Space) and the position of creative boss was the well-known screenwriter Amy Hennig, who has, for example, scalps behind her waist behind the original trilogy. Uncharted from PlayStation 3.

Unfortunately, the studio was closed in 2017 and the project was moved to EA Vancouver, where it finally ended prematurely. Amy Hennig herself left EA in early 2018 and decided to get involved in the development of smaller projects under the banner of Skydance Media.

About the canceled RagTag, however, in an interview with the channel MinnMaxShow said one of the former producers Zach Mumbach, who revealed a bit about the complexities of the development and what the game was supposed to look like. The main character was supposed to be a combination of Robin Hood and Star-Lord of the Galaxy Rangers: Mumbach describes a scene in which he is chased by a walking AT-ST and the player has to escape through the alleys and watch the destruction that the Frostbite engine can display. In fact, according to him, it was such Uncharted in the backdrop of Star Wars.

According to the description, the whole fate of the game is very unfortunate. The former producer spares no praise for Hennig and her creative process and team leadership, and says they had a clear chance to make the best Star Wars game they have ever seen.

Mumbach recalls the bizarre situation that Visceral encountered – a team that originally focused on a purely single-player experience (Dead Space, Dante’s Inferno) had to be transformed at some stage in order to do so for EA Battlefield Hardline. So a number of story game experts left, and when they subsequently wanted a single player game at EA, Visceral lacked key team members to make it.

When the project subsequently came under the management of the Vancouver branch of EA and began to cut its content, it was clear that the title did not have a bright future, especially since the company changed conditions again and the publisher began to target multiplayer with story games no longer so popular. . As the Fallen Order example showed, this is not entirely true. So we may regret that we will no longer taste the fruits of the work of Hennig and the defunct Visceral.



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