CANCER! Last minute: first in Turkey, second in the world!

first in Turkey, second in the world!

In Istanbul, bowel cancer, uterine cancer, which is followed by the 46-year-old Emine Demir, Sultangazi Haseki Education and Research Hospital, the first in Turkey, return to health by the method adopted for the second time in the world.

Emine Demir, 46, who had bowel cancer eight years ago, recovered with the surgery she had. Demir, who learned that he had uterine cancer in the past months while his controls continued over the years, experienced great sorrow. Demir, who applied to a doctor to regain his health, came to Sultangazi Haseki Training and Research Hospital. Demir, Gynecological Oncology Specialist Dr. He learned from Cihan Comba that it can be operated without any incisions. With the operation called V-Notes Hysterectomy + Bilateral Salpingooferectomy + Sentinel Lymph Node Dissection, no incision was made from the patient’s vagina to the skin, and the uterus, ovary and stained lymph nodes were successfully removed.


The surgery is successful, it was the first time in Turkey. Stating that there is only one patient in the world where this method is used, Dr. Cihan Comba drew attention to the fact that Emine Demir, 46, was the first patient in the world where this technique was applied, as she had previously undergone surgery. While Comba was discharging Demir after the successful operation, he drew attention to the importance of early diagnosis due to April 1-7 Cancer Week.


Speaking about the first time Gynecologic Oncology Specialist Dr. operations performed in Turkey Cihan Combe, “The patient was a patient who was operated due to the earlier bowel cancer, let us also sent diagnosed with uterine inner walls of cancer. We decided that it was appropriate for the patient’s surgery. The first operation feature that made this surgery is actually the second surgery Turkey as technical in the world of However, it is the first case in the world that has been operated before and this technique has been applied. We removed the uterus and ovaries due to uterine cancer. We can say that the rotation and less pain are the advantages of this surgery, “he said.


Drawing attention to the benefits of the surgery for the patient, Comba said, “We removed the uterus and ovaries without making any incisions from the bottom to the skin and detected the painted lymph nodes and treated the patient. The first thing we did was to remove the painted lymph nodes vaginally. We did this using special tools and technology. About 6. – We did it with a team of 7 people. We can say that the operation is about 4 hours. Our patient came with confidence. We told us what to do, and the patient welcomed it positively. We think that it came out with less effect. “Oncology patients should not delay their follow-up and treatment. Because of Cancer Week, all cancer patients should not delay their follow-up and treatment even during this pandemic period,” he said.


Speaking after the successful operation, Emine Demir, 46, said, “I learned that I had bowel cancer in 2013. I had an open surgery. I had been going to routine check-ups for eight years. I said it would not be crying. We came to Cihan Hodja and said that I would have an operation later. He said a device would come, and we agreed. Fortunately, my first surgery was very painful, I did not confirm myself from the bed for almost a month and a half. I did not feel much pain even the first night. The first operation did not worry me, because I am confident. I am discharged today, I am happy. I warn all people for early diagnosis in Cancer Week “

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