"Cancer saved my life after losing 9 stones and found the man of my dreams"


The hardest test of Becki Nock almost killed … but also overloaded her life.

Diagnosed with advanced lymphatic cancer, he surprised the doctors by obtaining the clear after only four months.

Then she became a mother despite the doctors saying that the chemotherapy had left her sterile.

The overweight manager then poured nine stones, ended an unhappy relationship and found a new man.

Becki, 26, said: "Every element of my life feels perfect now. It is almost impossible to believe that only a few years ago I had a potentially lethal tumor, I was malese obese and was told that I would never have children.

"Embracing my son Leo and feeling so healthy and happy goes beyond my wildest dreams."

Becki has gained weight after leaving home at 18 and moving in with her other half.

He said: "We lived by takeaway, regularly having a family-sized Domino pizza with all sides several times a week, along with chips and chocolate all day, and large quantities of thick white bread with each meal.

"I thought I was happy, so I didn't care about my weight."

Becki got a management job at Marks & Spencer, which meant a discount on food. He only added to his comfort eating and she jumped to her knees at 18 stones.

Rachel, represented in 2012, lived on takeaway pizzas

Then, in September 2013, he went to his family doctor in Swindon, Wilts, after finding a lump under his armpit.

Two weeks later there were five nodules and a biopsy showed that the twenty-year-old had a rare Hodgkin's lymphoma. Additional scans showed that the cancer had spread to the neck, chest, stomach and hips.

"It was aggressive and phase three, at one stage of being terminal and in my organs," said Becki. "It seemed that my world had fallen to pieces."

But in 2013, her life was turned upside down after she was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer

A Becki was asked if he wanted to be part of a trial in the United States of new chemo drugs.

"Of course I agreed. I had to try everything," he said. "But I had no idea how bad that chemotherapy made me feel. I remember telling my mother I'd rather die than go on."

After a month of chemo in November 2013, Becki was told that he no longer had eggs and that he would never conceive.

"I was devastated but obviously at that time it was not a priority," he said.

Despite being told that she no longer had eggs and would never conceive, she became pregnant with her son Leo in 2016

After just eight weeks and four chemo cycles, the scans showed that the cancer had disappeared. The doctors were amazed.

"I clearly remember that day, Friday, December 13, crying for hours at the news that I was in remission, let alone in a fraction of the time possible."

Becki finished her chemo in April 2014 and felt she had a second chance in life.

Two more years later another shock came: she was pregnant. "I immediately called my consultant with the amazing news, they told me that sometimes he always felt like a mom one day," he said. "It was my second miracle in two years, and I was very happy."

Becki now works part-time so she has a lot of time to devote to little Leo

Becki accumulated extra pounds again until the young Leo was born in January 2017. Bigger than ever and also suffering from post-natal depression, Becki had a snack with junk food and immediately weighed more than 18 stones .

"Looking at the pictures of myself I started crying. I was given this second chance in life and I had this fantastic baby, but I was killing myself here."

Determined to change, she joined Weight Watchers, now called WW.

"I clicked with me because no food was off-limits. I could give myself occasional takeaway on the weekends." Generally, Becki had a bowl of fruit and yogurt for breakfast, bread with chicken and salad for lunch, then home-made chips or pasta with salad for dinner.

Becki joined Weight Watchers and started practicing and lost a massive nine stone

Going to a gym class a week and walking Leo as much as possible, he had lost five stones in April 2018. That month he went to make a chicken in Marbella.

"I remember sitting in the pool with my friends, wearing a size 14 swimsuit, feeling mentally and physically strong for the first time in years," he said.

But the life of his companion was the same: gorging on takeaways, tempting her.

When he returned from that trip, Becki decided to get rid of him and his weight.

Becki ended his relationship and has since met his new partner Darren

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"Now we were on several pages, and while the cancer had changed my life perspective, it had remained exactly the same. I needed to move on."

Last June Becki ended her relationship and, taking Leo, she returned to live with her parents.

"I stopped taking the antidepressants that were prescribed to me after the cancer and I continued to lose weight, getting stronger by the day. Then I weighed 10.5 stones. When Leo and I moved into our apartment in November, I was down to 9 stones.

"I have a new partner, Darren, and I can fit in size eight for the first time. I have a part-time job as a receptionist in a GP clinic, so I spend a lot of time with Leo, which I love.

"It's amazing to think that if I didn't have cancer I don't think I would change my ways and become half of the woman I was. Every element of my life feels perfect now."

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