Candidate for French President E. Zemmour was attacked during an agitation rally

Accompanied by security guards and journalists, E. Zemmour walked to the rostrum in the hall when he was suddenly attacked by one of the spectators. He grabbed the candidate by the head and tried to tear him down. The guard immediately detained the attacker and took him out of the hall. He was arrested for intentional violence.

Sources in the police told police the detainee was known to officials for various offenses. The motives for his attack are still unknown.

Police and the gendarmerie have previously detained 46 people in Vilpente for violating the security perimeter. During E. Zemmour’s rally, there were still battles between the opponent’s opponents and supporters in the hall. In his speech, the candidate, who called his party “Reconquista”, strongly criticized the government and the parliamentary opposition. He promised to stop the flow of migrants to France and reduce immigration “to zero” if elected.

E. Zemmour, 63, on November 30. announced its decision to run for French president as an independent candidate. He never held elected office. Zemmour has worked as a journalist for various publications, writing several books, some of which criticize radical Islamism.

The list of candidates for the post of head of state is growing, with more than 40 surnames. The first round of the French presidential election will take place on April 10, 2022, and the second on April 24.

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