Entertainment Candidates freed from coffins: "The Mole" started so macabre...

Candidates freed from coffins: “The Mole” started so macabre on Sat.1

Updated May 6, 2020, 11:00 p.m.

With “The Mole” Sat.1 takes his viewers into the Argentine pampas. To start the new adventure show, the candidates had to free themselves from coffins, crack puzzles and catch llamas. However, one team member is the title-giving mole – and tries to sabotage the challenges.

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In 1998, a television show entitled “De Mol” was broadcast for the first time in Belgium. That was a lifetime ago. Like the German adaptation with the English title “The Mole”, which was sent to ProSieben in 2000 and 2001, without – carefully formulated – leaving deep craters in German TV history.

From the crypt of TV formats

From the crypt of forgotten TV formats, a completely new edition of “The Mole” was launched on Sat.1 on Wednesday evening. Fittingly from coffins, the candidates had to free themselves at the beginning by keeping dead people from living celebrities apart.

In addition, the moderating cowboys of the country rock band The BossHoss basked in the Argentine sun, so that spaghetti western flair may arise.

In front of the vastness of the Argentine pampas, the participants had to prove themselves in challenges such as llama trapping, while one or one of them sabotaged the efforts – the title-giving mole! You can see how the show started in the picture gallery. (Tsch)

In the new Sat.1 show “The Mole” one of the candidates is playing wrong. That was the start of the adventure show.



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