Cannabis referendum, 1400 defaulting municipalities: “So we risk sabotage, the government intervenes”

A quarter of the electoral certificates requested from municipalities to validate signatures on the cannabis referendum have not arrived. “Thus the referendum risks sabotage”, the promoting committee explains alarmed, which has warned the 1,400 defaulting administrations.

The abrogative referendum for cannabis in fact, it has collected more than 500 thousand digital signatures, through Spid. These signatures, however, must be “coupled” with the electoral certificates to be sure that they are valid, that is, that those who signed have the right to active electorate and can really go to the polls. For this reason, the Committee – made up of Associazione Luca Coscioni, Meglio Legale, Forum Droghe, Società della Ragione, Antigone and the parties + Europa, Possibile and Italian Radicali – sent the request to have the electoral certificates of the signatories. Only at that point will it be possible to deposit the signatures in the Supreme Court. And the deadline for the cannabis referendum is September 30th.

“We have received 37,500 Pec from the municipalities with 150,000 certificates attached. As of Friday evening, 1,400 municipal administrations did not fully respond. Others did not comply with the 48 hours required by law, which has now become 96, and they sent late registration certificates in the electoral roll of the more than 580,000 signatures collected online in a partial way “, he declares Marco Perduca, of the Luca Coscioni Association and President of the Promoting Committee.

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For this reason, the warning has arrived to the defaulting Municipalities which, considering the weekend, starting from Monday will have only 3 days to send the Certificates. Not only: “Given the situation, such as to put the entire collection of signatures at risk, the Referendum Committee points out how, in the face of the permanent institutional silence and taking into account the defaults of the municipalities, it will also be forced to put the Ministry in default of the Interior if it does not intervene to remedy what is happening in these hours “.

“Unfortunately – they add Antonella Soldo, Riccardo Magi e Leonardo Fiorentini – what we feared is happening. The non-compliance of many Italian municipalities has been added to the unequal treatment of this referendum compared to the others which will have until 31 October. In fact, we are facing a sabotage that can only be avoided with an urgent government intervention “.


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