Canon XF605 Professional 4K Camcorder with Canon 10×16 KAS S compact zoom lens

Canon unveils the “Canon XF605”, a professional 4K camcorder equipped with a Canon 10×16 KAS S lens, a compact zoom lens for advanced broadcasting at 8K level, elevating production to sharpness and beauty. Captivate your eyes with a high-performance camcorder and zoom lens.

Canon XF605

Canon XF605: The next generation of professional 4K camcorders, featuring high-performance 4K L-series lenses.

Under the XF family that provides 4K recording quality with CMOS sensor 1.0-inch size and HDR video recording capability Resolution 4K/50p 4:2:2/10-bit to the SD memory card. Delivers high image quality comparable to the flagship models of the XF family. like model XF705 by Canon camera models XF605 It is designed to be compact for increased mobility. with improved autofocus capability and signal transmission function to be more efficient which is suitable for various types of productions such as broadcasting news programs Live broadcast of sudden events to other productions where the photographer has to work alone

As for the lens, the L (Luxury) family lens is used in conjunction with a large CMOS sensor. 1.0 inch and DIGIC DV7 image processor capable of recording HDR video. High-quality 4K/50p 4:2:2/10-bit resolution. Users can also choose to record high-quality HDR videos. and 120 frames per second slow motion video recording at Full HD.

In addition, the mode IS Also available in a variety of formats to control image stabilization. while the placement of the ND filter lens element The built-in camera gives users good control over the aperture even when shooting outdoors. in the bright sunlight Make the picture perfect as you want. This function allows users to use a variety of shooting techniques. And thanks to the camera’s large 1.0-inch sensor, bokeh shots are possible. including video shooting at slow shutter speeds Even when filming during the day

Canon XF605

recording mode It has been developed to be more flexible to support shooting in scenes such as slow motion techniques. and Fast Motion that supports recording up to 120P It can also record audio at the same time. Pre-record function (3 seconds before pressing record) Frame-by-frame recording mode (Frame Recordingfor STOP MOTION shooting) and Interval recording mode for time-lapse shooting. by adding Custom Picture File new style The BT.709 is available in a variety of settings, including EOS. Standard and EOS Neutral so that it can be used in a variety of production environments.

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You can also choose to record in HDR, both HLG and PQ. available while filming on demand It also includes a Canon Log 3 feature used for post-processing. which is used in the camera XF705 and CINEMA EOS to other systems

Canon XF605 This is the first time in the XF family of cameras. with high sensitivity mode so that users can shoot one step brighter than usual (sensitivity 2000 lux Equivalent to F12) There is also a function that solves the problem of aperture blur (Diffraction Correction) that occurs when using an aperture that is too small when shooting with pan. This allows users to shoot with smaller apertures than ever before. This is an algorithm used in professional video cameras like Cinema EOS. It also features Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, Canon’s autofocus technology that places each pixel on the CMOS sensor. It works in both phase detection autofocus. and both in the recording

by Canon XF605 It is a camera with fast focusing and high accuracy. Including being the first video camera in the XF family with eye and head autofocus Including improved face detection autofocus to help track subjects more precisely and stably. meanwhile The camera also comes with more user-friendly features such as touch-screen menus. and replay mode by Canon XF605 It is designed to be easy to move. and has 3 lens rings Design for more flexible use

It also weighs approximately 600g less than the XF705, 25% lighter. And the camera is still about 10% smaller. both length and height It also supports use via ‘Browser Remote’. designed to make it easier for lone photographers to work with a smartphone; andThere are also applications CTM (Content Transfer Mobile) recently released for iOS mobile devices. The camera can connect and transfer recorded video data via cable or wirelessly to iOS devices. and transfer data to FTP server at the broadcast station or elsewhere, which makes the broadcasting process faster and more efficient.

Canon 10 × 16 KAS S: Small zoom lens for high resolution broadcast cameras 8K come with sensor 1.25 finger

Achieve superior performance with the Canon10x16 KAS S, a new compact zoom lens developed with Canon’s optical technology. It was designed for 8K broadcast cameras, which in recent years have seen increasing demand for high-resolution video productions. especially the broadcasting of international sporting events and documentary filmmaking. With the launch of Canon’s Canon10x16 KAS S, Canon expands the lineup of 8K ultra-high-definition zoom lenses to meet the needs of filmmakers who demand high-resolution images.

The Canon 10×16 KAS S lens body consists of lens elements such as fluorite, UD lenses, Hi-UD lenses, and wide-angle lenses. which reduces chromatic aberration. Spherical aberration and other issues that degrade the image quality caused by lenses. To determine the position of each lens element At the same time, the production process is controlled with high precision and the best assembly technology is used to greatly reduce errors during production. This makes it possible to deliver high quality images throughout the zoom range. sharp from the center of the image to the edge of the image It delivers the high definition and high contrast images required for producing video that demands 8K quality.

Canon10x16 KAS S lens comes with f/2.8 aperture throughout the zoom range. It covers a distance of 16mm to 160mm with this 10x zoom capability and wide aperture. It is ideal for broadcasting sporting events and live events that require frequent focal length changes. in order to be able to reproduce images in a remarkable way Vivid and high resolution

This lens uses a high-performance Digital Drive Unit. It is capable of working with resolutions up to 16bit, which are used in 2/3-inch 4K broadcast lenses for high accuracy in position detection. and help make the calibration (Calibration) between real and virtual images is easier. with various features This allows the new Canon10x16 KAS S to be fully functional even in virtual reality locations and perfectly compatible with high-end broadcast equipment. currently available

For those interested in Canon professional 4K camcorders. XF605 and a small zoom lens for broadband cameras
Cast at 8K level, Canon10x16 KAS S model. You can ask for more information at Call Center, phone 0-2344-9988 or follow the news via the website. and official facebook

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