Can’t bear to see the son-in-law continue to stumble in sadness, Mother …

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Could not bear to see the son-in-law continue to stumble in sadness, Ashraf Sinclair’s mother was blatantly urging the BCL to immediately forget the child: Time to Move On!

Grid.ID – Departure Ashraf Sinclair is now entering its fourth month.

Of course, this is not easy to do by Bunga Citra Lestari who is forced to be the sole parent of the child, Noah Sinclair.

Not only that, since he lived Ashraf Sinclair For ever, the woman who is familiarly called Unge became a quiet figure so she didn’t open up much.

In fact, before BCL known as a cheerful figure.

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Yes, the loss of Ashraf Sinclair gave a deep sorrow which BCL could not cure.

In an effort to commemorate 12 years of his marriage to Ashraf which fell in November, BCL released a new single.

The song titled 12 Most Beautiful Year is a form of BCL’s heart that must now live without Ashraf Sinclair by his side.

Just released yesterday, Sunday (07/19/2020), the song successfully bewitched many people with such heartbreaking lyrics.

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