Can’t choose? Netflix comes with a shuffle button

The shuffle button is currently being tested by Netflix in several places in the TV apps of the video service. Which confirms the company to TechCrunch. The new function should ensure that people no longer have to scroll and search endlessly, but that they quickly find a video that they are likely to like.

What the shuffle button shows is based on your viewing habits. This can be a film or series that resembles something you have watched before, that you have liked before, or films and series that you have put in your watch list.

Netflix has been testing the new button among some users worldwide for a few weeks now. Currently, these are only people who watch Netflix on their television via an app or set-top box.

All users

It is not yet known when the function will be available for all users and devices. According to Netflix, this depends on the feedback from the users. The goal is ultimately to roll out the shuffle button to all users, Netflix says to Variety.

Netflix has yet to determine where exactly the new button will be placed. Currently ‘Shuffle Play’ is being tested as a button below the username in the screen where you can choose between profiles.

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