Can't find your Airpods? This trick will help you find your Apple headphones


One of the advantages of Airpod is how light and compact they are. When we talk about this we refer to both the headphones and the charging case. They are pieces that even when you carry them in your pocket you have to check that they are still there of what little they swell. But this is a double-edged sword.

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Better battery, wireless charging and better connectivity. The most popular headphones of the moment are being renewed, leaving room for another version that could take place in the fall

Enter your home, office or know where, you will quickly remove them and keep them without thinking about the jacket, the bag or any drawer. The result could end up being your own mixing everything to find them. Well, if you are one of those who got scared and broke your head to find them, you should know this trick to locate them easily.

Photo: Reuters.
Photo: Reuters.

Airpods, both the original version and those presented this year, can use the same tool used to locate a lost or stolen Apple phone. To activate & # 39; Find my iPhone & # 39; you simply need to enter Settings and locate the section with your username. There you log in to iCloud and you have the option to activate it so that the terminal starts sending the position.

Once the session has started, you can synchronize all the devices in which your Apple ID is included in this tool. This includes from tablets to iPods, Macs, smart watches of the brand or Airpods mentioned above. When you access the app from your iPad or iPhone, you see each device on a map represented by an icon. Your position is represented by a blue dot and that of your helmets by a green dot. In the list showing the synchronized devices, you will see the distance to which it is located. In this way you will have a reference on where they are.

Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

However, If the device icon in question appears dimmed, it won't be that easy. You will only be able to access the last connection time. You won't be able to make it look like it. It will simply be useful to know the last connection and a geographical reference. Something that can help you refresh your memory e

If they are online, you will not be able to know it by the millimeter. You will know if they are in the office or if they are at home but they won't tell you the specific point. If you have connected them you can always give a slide to the volume, put the music to the maximum and trust yourself to listen to the murmur. However, the application has a button to activate a sound. A very special whistle that you will soon discover if you have them around you.

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