Cantonese media: Guangzhou Evergrande has suffered severe decline in performance in the past three years, Cannavaro is to blame_Italy

Original title: Cantonese media: Guangzhou Evergrande has suffered severely declining performance in the past three years, Cannavaro is to blame

Recently, the Guangzhou team officially announced the termination of the contract with coach Cannavaro and the entire Italian coaching team, which also means that Cannavaro’s second journey in charge of the team is officially over. At present, the Guangzhou team has not yet assembled, and it is still unknown where the team will go next.

The record of the Guangzhou team this season is 9 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses. Cannavaro led the team to return to Italy for a vacation after the first stage. He originally planned to return to China this month and lead his team to play in the Super League in December.

Speaking of, the Guangzhou team’s contract with Cannavaro will expire at the end of next year. Due to well-known reasons, it is difficult for the team to work with the Cannavaro team anymore, and the breakup is a relief for both parties.

Not long ago, the Guangzhou team officially released a poster with the theme “Thanks and blessings Cannavaro” with the text “Time to say goodbye”. The Italian’s second journey to coach the Guangzhou team was also officially announced. Finish.

On the economic level, the breakup between the two parties is quite expensive. It is reported that Cannavaro received nearly 30 million yuan (40 million yuan in another way) in tax rebates and voluntarily gave up the remaining salary in the contract.

The team is facing financial difficulties, and the outside world is worried that the coaching staff has suffered a salary arrears. In an interview with the Italian media, Cannavaro said: “I did not leave the Guangzhou team for financial reasons. The club has been paying my salary regularly. The fact is that I can no longer stand the restrictions under the epidemic. I put my family first, chose to return to my city and gave up 11 months of salary. For me, this is still a wonderful experience.”

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Since taking up the pointer of the Guangzhou team again at the end of 2017, Cannavaro’s experience in leading the team for nearly four years is bizarre: in the past three years, Cannavaro, who has a strong player lineup, has only led the team to win one Chinese Super League championship (2019 Season); briefly took charge of the Chinese national team and led the team to play in the “China Cup”; due to the club’s poor record, it was required to “learn”; in 2020, the team led the team without revenue, creating the worst year in team history…

From a competitive perspective, Cannavaro has not been able to score high in the past three years or so. The Guangzhou team (Guangzhou Evergrande) has been in the Super League for ten years, and its performance has declined in the past three years. As the coach, it is natural to blame.

At the same time that Cannavaro was released, the Guangzhou team has not yet assembled. It is still unknown where the team will go next. In the Football Association Cup next month, the team may send a reserve team led by Liu Zhiyu to play.

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