Capacity for expansion of European 5G networks available


The Swedish company is positioning itself for the 5G expansion.

(Photo: AP)

Stockholm The Swedish mobile communications equipment provider Ericsson sees itself able to supply Europe with enough 5G radio units to build the networks for the fifth mobile generation. Ericsson manager Fredrik Jejdling said Monday the German Press Agency. Jejdling was concerned that Ericsson would not have enough capacity to supply all European mobile network operators with 5G if Chinese providers were excluded due to security concerns in Europe.

“Ericsson has a broad portfolio of 5G products we serve to customers on every continent,” said Jejdling, who heads the network division at Ericsson. As a supplier of 23 5G networks already in live operation, Ericsson has delivered more than four million 5G-enabled radio units so far. “As a global company, we are ready to serve our customers in all markets.”

Against the backdrop of the US trade war with China, Western countries are also debating whether, in particular, the Chinese Huawei Group should not be ruled out from the outset when setting up the 5G network.

Representatives of the US, but also a number of politicians in Germany and other Western countries, see the danger that Huawei might be forced by law in its home country to provide information and data that is supposed to be protected to its home country. Huawei rejects these concerns as unfounded.

China is way ahead of Germany in building its own 5G network. As state media reported, the 5G operation in 50 cities began at the beginning of November, at least in part. The Chinese 5G networks also use Ericsson equipment. China is the second largest 5G sales market for the Swedish group after the US.

In the discussion about a Huawei ban, the argument arose again and again that 5G networks in Europe could actually only be built with the help of the Chinese, because the European Huawei competitors Nokia and Ericsson did not have the necessary capacity. Moreover, Europeans could not compete technologically with Huawei.

Ericsson's Latin American and European CEO Arun Bansal dismissed this argument in a post on LinkedIn. “We're a leader in 5G,” he said, referring to a study by the law firm Bird & Bird on the quality of 5G patents. In order to increase capacity, Ericsson has built a new plant in Estonia, which is about to open.

More: The technology company is applying for licenses for its own factories – and with Qualcomm it is opening its first private 5G network in an industrial environment.

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