Capcom: Big games planned for the coming months

With Resident Evil 3, Capcom had another great success. However, the publisher and developer do not want to rest on that, but rather follow up soon …

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Capcom is looking forward to a very good financial year. Resident Evil 3 kicked off the 2021 fiscal year with great success. However, according to the publisher and developer, it will soon continue with new games. And there are said to be some well-known names.

By the end of the current fiscal year in March 2021, Capcom would like to release several new games from prominent brands. No specific names are known, but Resident Evil 8 is one of the hottest candidates for a release during this period. New offshoots to Street Fighter or Dead Rising would also be possible. The platforms for which the games should appear are also not mentioned.

In addition to new titles, the sale of titles from previous years is also to be continued. With this strategy, Capcom would like to sell a total of 28 million games by the end of March 2021 – that would be a new record for the company. In addition, one would like to advance the business with the licenses of own brands and expand the engagement in eSports.

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