Capcom’s “Evil Spirit Castle 4 VR” will be exclusively launched in Oculus Quest 2 and interactive objects will be rebuilt (166198)

The redesigned version of “Evil Castle 4 VR” redesigned weapons and items, allowing players to directly pick up and interact with handheld controllers during virtual reality games, and even allow both hands to use weapons at the same time, supporting teleportation and room size The dynamic movement of the game, and all the puzzles and interactive objects in the game are also rebuilt.

Oculus announced a partnership with CAPCOM to exclusively launch a remake of Resident Evil 4 VR based on “Evil Castle 4” and presented in the form of virtual reality in Oculus Quest 2. It is expected to be officially launched on October 21 this year.

Since “Evil Castle 4” is changed to a play mode from the perspective of the protagonist Leon, it is quite suitable for playing in virtual reality, and the remake version of “Evil Castle 4 VR” launched this time, more weapons, items The redesign allows players to pick up and interact directly with the handheld controller during the virtual reality game, and even allow both hands to use weapons at the same time.

The way to control the movement is still through a handheld controller, and it supports transmission and room-scale dynamic movement. At the same time, all mysteries and interactive objects in the game have been recreated.

The remake of “Evil Castle 4 VR” was launched on October 21 and is exclusively used by Oculus Quest 2.

Prior to this, CAPCOM used PlayStation VR in “Evil Castle 7” to allow players to play in virtual reality on the PlayStation 4 platform.

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