Captain America 4 may give Sam Wilson some pretty absurd superpower


In the Marvel comics, Sam Wilson has the ability to talk to birds. The series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier almost showed that power, but in the end it was decided not to do so. A quarter Captain Americafilm may change that.

In the comics, Sam Wilson has the ability to talk to birds, which means he can often use them to win a tough battle. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sam has not yet shown such power; his drone Redwing is pretty much the only thing that comes close.

In the movies
Still, showrunner Malcolm Spellman thinks it’s possible to see something like this in the upcoming fourth Captain Americamovie, in which Sam Wilson appears to be the main character.

“You know, I’m just going to take it and answer this question because I don’t think I’ll get in trouble for that,” Spellman began. “It has been talked about in the writers’ room, but I don’t think there was anyone who found the right angle. Do you know what I mean?”

But that does not mean that nothing will be possible in the future. In fact: “I don’t know what will happen in Cap 4, though,” Spellman continued. “I’ve probably said too much now, so that’s a spoiler for you.”

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