Capture a monstrous python over 17 feet in the Everglades and surpass the new record


A 17-foot, 5-inch, five-and-a-half-pound python was captured in public lands in Miami-Dade as part of the program to free the Everglades region of these reptiles.

With the capture of the animal, a new record was set on Monday night, being the third snake over 17 feet captured as part of the Python Elimination Program, which began in late March of last year.

The man who reached the historic enterprise was Kyle Penniston, the second snake hunter of SFWMD with 235 eliminated, after Brian Hargrove, the most successful hunter who managed to capture 257 pythons.

The hunters of the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) have managed to eliminate 1,859 invasive snakes on the land of the district.

SFWMD's Pyramid Elimination Program officials said in a statement that six months after removing the first 1,000 pythons from the District's land, the program is going to double the total "due to real teamwork".

Pythons are increasing in the Everglades and threaten the wildlife in the area. Scientists say they are moving crocodiles as the main predator of swamps.

According to experts, Burmese pythons have no natural predators in the Everglades ecosystem, so they have ravaged the animal population of the area.

Therefore, the elimination of invasive species such as Burmese pythons is essential to preserve the ecosystem of the Everglades and Florida taxpayers have invested billions of dollars to restore the quality of the water and the hydrology of the Everglades.



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