Captures for crime of 2 little sisters who were invited for a walk – Cali – Colombia

The discovery of the bodies of Maribel Carlosama Ortiz, 21 years old, and her sister, 14 years old, on the road between La Cumbre and Restrepo, in mid-September, caused pain and confusion in those neighboring towns of the Western Cordillera.

For the capture of those responsible, a reward of 20 million pesos was offered.

Last Friday, September 16, Maribel Carlosama Ortiz, 21, and her sister, 14, left their home in the municipality of Restrepo, with about 20,000 inhabitants, about 65 kilometers from Cali.

A first version would indicate that a man would be waiting for them in the same area of ​​residence. Other testimonies suggest that they would be found in Buga, more in the center of the Valley, 26 kilometers away.

Maribel later informed her family by cell phone that she would be returning home after doing some shopping in Buga. Later, in a text message, her little sister told her relatives that her companion told them that they could not go to Bugnaventura on the road, where Restrepo is on the road, so they would go around Yumbo and La Cumbre.

Hours later, relatives began to worry about the whereabouts of the sisters. The relatives went out in search and the Police received a report about the discovery of two women in a rural area.

Pain in Restrepo (Valle) for the murder of Maribel Carlosama Ortiz and her 14-year-old sister.

The two would show vital signs and were taken to a health center, but hours later they were declared dead. Maribel Carlosama suffered two injuries to her back and one to her hip. His little sister suffered three point-blank impacts to the chest.

“Today the municipality of Restrepo is in mourning. We wake up with the sad news of the vile murder of two restrepeñas. We sympathize with the family that is experiencing this tragedy,” said Mayor Armando Vélez, who announced a reward to obtain information that carries to establish the circumstances, motives and identity of those responsible.

The governor of Valle, Clara Luz Roldán, raised the reward to 20 million pesos to clarify the double crime that put Restrepo in mourning.

The municipal prosecutor, Kamila Andrea Gómez, urged “the judicial and administrative authorities to take measures against this painful act of violence. We ask for speed in the investigations to determine the causes and those responsible.”

The Valle Police and the Metropolitan Police of Cali added tasks to find those responsible. The two arrests were announced by the Governor on Monday night.

“More than 50 hours of recording obtained from different private and institutional cameras allowed locating the victims in the company of a man in the municipality of Buga and their journey to the place where the events occurred in the Rio Grande village, rural area of ​​La Cumbre , Valle del Cauca, “says the Police.

The 38-year-old man would be Maribel Carlosama’s suitor and was arrested in the Belalcazar neighborhood of Cali, where the vehicle in which the victims were mobilized was also found.

The official report says that “another action was registered on the road to Restrepo – Valle where a second man was captured, stepfather of the first perpetrator and who would have been the determiner of the deaths. It should be noted that these people have a criminal record for theft.”

“Congratulations to Gral Manuel Vásquez @PoliciaCali and Colonel Jorge Urquijo @DevalPolicia for these results that allow us to ratify our conviction of justice for those who commit crimes in our territory …. Let the criminals know that our government will not allow impunity, and that is why We work as a team with our Public Force, in addition to reward programs and citizen cooperation, to fight crime, “wrote Roldán.


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