Čaputová will announce a referendum on early elections

Another possible question regarding the request for the government to resign will be examined by the constitutional court. “This question is questionable from the point of view of constitutionality. However, if the Constitutional Court confirms that the question is in order, I will call a referendum with two questions,” said Čaputová.

The opposition collected signatures for a petition calling for a referendum with both questions, and handed over the petition sheets to the president’s office in August. Almost 382,000 people signed it.

“As soon as I have the constitutional court’s answer, I will call a referendum with at least one question. Considering that there are deadlines, it will undoubtedly be until the end of the year,” informed the president.

Slovakia definitely has a minority government


According to constitutional lawyers, it would be possible to shorten the term of office of a public authority by referendum only if the constitution provides for it. “She currently does not specify this method,” stated Čaputová.

She pointed out that if a two-question referendum were called, the citizens’ vote would be successful and the government would have to resign, it would not automatically mean early elections. “Parliament would have the same composition and could appoint a different government or an official government,” pointed out Čaputová.

According to the Slovak constitution, the participation of the majority of eligible voters is necessary for the referendum result to be valid. Only one of the eight national referendums so far met this condition in the country, namely the vote on Slovakia’s entry into the EU.

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