Car news: Porsche Macan. More Porsche in a compact size

In its current appearance, the Macan appeared in the 2018-2019 model year, with LED headlights as standard and red LED stripes over the entire boot lid.

“Porsche is a car you can enjoy without driving anywhere. The bonnet must be aerodynamic and perform other functions. Therefore, it has holes in the lamp places. The cover itself is also interesting, because collecting air here is like a Land Rover through the cover. ….. The lid itself is very light, two jackets could lift it sideways like a Le Mans car, ”says Normunds Avotiņš.

As for the engine, it’s not the most powerful. Macan had previously had a 2-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine, the same as the Audi could have. It has only 245 horsepower, but Porsche is already trying to get Macan to drive like a Porsche.

“It has everything it deserves – sound, acceleration and appropriate suspension, which was improved during the last modernization.

Macan is probably the last analogue in Porsche’s current line of models. For others, everything is already touch-sensitive. There is still a center console for many physical buttons, everything can be squeezed out here. The screen though is new, smaller but the design and software is the same as the new Porsche. All functions are duplicated. We can use the touch screen or the old knobs at the bottom. The panel is also analog! There is still a good old tachometer in the middle. On the right side there is an eyepiece with a changeable screen. Slot? Now there are buttons, dials and what not, but here – a normal, mechanical crank: yes, we are in the drive !! ”

If that’s not enough with this drive, the Porsche Macan still has three different six-cylinder versions – the S, GTS and Turbo. They play on completely different power racks – from 354 to 440 horsepower.

Porsche Macan cena

This section could also be skipped, but let it happen – how much does a beautiful Macan cost? The starting price is 61,000 euros, including the extras – 81. Yes, Porsche has never been cheap, but it is justified.

Even if some of the plastic in the Macan’s interior isn’t as soft and velvety to the touch as you’d like, the build quality is almost overwhelming. In a business sports cabin, every detail is made responsibly and with a specific purpose – even if it doesn’t look like it at first.

A similar picture opens under the bonnet, where the external devices are separated from the engine by the example of racing cars and hidden closer to the windscreen behind the thermal shield.

Although the test car isn’t even equipped with the popular Sports Chrono package, the sapphire blue Macan is still a sporty-focused SUV. The main thing here is the leader, the others can just participate.


Macan is currently the smallest Porsche SUV model. We remember from chemistry that by mixing a solution and then evaporating the excess water, the residue is more concentrated. This is also the story of Macan. You can already whine that the machine is not big, there is no space in the back, and only 4 cylinders, but Porche knows what he is doing. It’s also not the cheapest in class, but it drives better than everyone else.

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