Car on the highway in the opposite direction? The response must be immediate

In recent years, the police have recorded an alarming number of warnings about the vehicle driving in the opposite direction on the highway. The risks are huge in similar cases, so the response must be immediate.

Traveling on motorways is generally considered safer, yet there are a number of risks. One of the most serious are the drivers in the opposite direction, which has been increasing in recent years. After all, in the last five years, the Police of the Czech Republic have registered over 300 warnings per year about the vehicle driving on the motorway in the opposite direction. And such a number is truly alarming.

At the same time, it is often not even possible to assess what actually led the driver to drive in the opposite direction on the motorway. “The topic of the opposite direction on highways is a big unknown to me, because I can’t understand how one can get into a situation where it appears in the opposite direction on the highway. This is an example of completely ignoring all traffic signs and ignoring the tracking of traffic around you,“Says Maj. Ing. Dušan Uhlík, commander of the fire brigade station of the Karlovy Vary region.

Most motorway ramps are equipped with complex traffic signs, some of the riskier ones in recent years have been given special traffic signs “Stop in the opposite direction”, following the example of selected EU countries. you can do it – meeting reality “.

There can be several reasons – driver fatigue, inattention, mindless listening to navigation instructions, driving under the influence of addictive substances, etc. But whatever the reason, the reaction should always be the same and as fast as possible.


In this case, the driver must stop the vehicle in the parking lane as quickly as possible and without turning as far as possible to the left of the curb, switch on the warning lights, wear a reflective vest and hide behind barriers for your safety. He should also not forget to place the safety triangle at a distance of min. 100 m in front of the vehicle from the point of view of oncoming cars. His duty is also to immediately report the situation to line 158 of the Police of the Czech Republic with the exact identification of the place of the parked vehicle and waiting for the arrival of the patrol,“Summarizes the basic points of prevention Lukáš Hutta, Executive Manager of the Lifebuoy Association.

The worst thing that could attack the driver is to try to turn the car. Such action could end in tragedy. “It will take you 20-25 seconds to turn on the highway and pick up normal speed. Vehicles moving at a motorway speed of 130 km / h. they will drive over half a kilometer in that time. A fatal conflict is almost inevitable in such a situation,“Confirms Colonel Jiří Zlý, Director of the Traffic Police Service Directorate.

Drivers who see a car on the highway in the opposite direction should then contact Police Line 158 as soon as possible and provide operators with more detailed information. In similar cases, it often takes only seconds to avert a possible conflict.


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