Car singer Ric Ocasek cut his model wife Paulina Porizkova out of his will


Ric Ocasek, lead singer of Late Cars, has cut his stranger supermodel wife out of his will, claiming he "abandoned" him, the now public document reveals.

"I did not provide for my wife Paulina Porizkova (" Paulina ") because we are about to divorce", she wrote the icon of the new wave in her last wishes, as reported by New York Post.

"Even if I die before our divorce is final … Paulina has no right to any elective quota … because she abandoned me."

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Porizkova was the one who found the body of her stranger rocker husband in September, while bringing him coffee while he recovered from a recent surgery at his Gramercy Park row house.

The couple, who had two children together, left him in May 2018 after 28 years of marriage.

They met in 1984 during the shooting of the music video for the hit song by Cars To drive.

Porizkova had called Ocasek's death "premature and unexpected".

"I found him still asleep when he brought him his Sunday morning coffee," he wrote in a statement posted on Instagram after Ocasek's death.

"I touched his cheek to wake him up. It was then that I realized that it had passed peacefully during the night. "

A deposit listed with Ocasek will show that its assets include $ 7.2 million in "author's rights" – but only $ 145,000 in "tangible personal property" and $ 21,000 in cash.

The document does not break down what constitutes the "copyright" heritage.

While $ 7.37 million may seem low-end for a rock legend like Ocasek, a Trust and Estates lawyer who reviewed the document told The Post the Cars frontman that the money would probably be hidden in other trusts .

Like many high-profile dead stars, Ocasek could have stored "many millions of dollars of assets".

"This is why people use trusts: to protect their privacy," the lawyer noted.

Ocasek, in his will, seems to have stiffened two of his six children, though not the children he had with Porizkova.

It is possible that the two children who were excluded from the will were compensated by other financial means, a lawyer said.

"I can only assume that they get nothing, or that they have been provided in some other way through another trust or with a life insurance", said the lawyer of trusts and property.

The document indicates that Ocasek signed the will on August 28, less than a month before his death.

Ocasek, 75, died naturally from heart disease on September 15th. Also the pulmonary emphysema, a type of lung disease, had contributed to his death, reported the office of ME.

The performer is named as "friend and business manager", Mario Testani.

The lawyer who presented the will declined to comment.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and was reproduced with permission

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