Car stamp and RAI license will be really abolished?

Car stamp and RAI license will be really abolished? Will these two hated taxes really be abolished? Is there a foundation of truth or is it just fake news? Punctual like taxes, every year there are recurring rumors of abolition of the taxes themselves. The last one, in chronological order, is from these days. And it does not concern car tax and / or RAI fees. But just the taxes in general. The source is also authoritative, since it is the Minister of Economy, Gualtieri. Who stated in no uncertain terms that taxes scheduled for September will be reduced. This is thanks to the budget variance. Budgetary deviation that the government will ask the parliament for about 20 billion. Will this also be true? Who knows. Surely there will be a budget variance. What is then used to cut taxes is all to be seen.

But let’s go back to car tax and RAI fee. We said about their potential abolition. True or false news? Unfortunately we have to give you bad news. Neither of these two hated and despised taxes will be abolished in 2020. And, in truth, there is no mention of abolishing them. So why do they talk about it? It is done because in our age of news in real time and spread immediately, circulate false pay. Oh yes, and pay well. Pay well those sites where fake news are at home. And that they publish news such as the abolition of these taxes only for the purpose of circulating them. Because by doing this they manage to drive traffic to their sites. And sell advertising related to the fraudulent articles they published.

Car stamp and RAI license will be really abolished? Will it ever happen?

Also this year we will have to pay these two taxes. And without substantial changes. So let’s get ready to do it. Will there ever be a possibility in the future that they will be abolished? We believe not. And certainly not in the short term. Because? Because together, these two taxes guarantee a total revenue of 7.5 billion. Money that no state would renounce. And that no government would remove without first putting in place other taxes or substitute taxes. Car stamp and RAI fee are two cross taxes, which everyone must pay. Their importance is too fundamental to abolish them. Especially now that every euro is precious for the state coffers.

One last recommendation, regarding news such as the abolition of certain taxes. When you hear news like this, always check the source. Many times. We are in an era of fake news. In an era where mass manipulation thanks to fake news reigns. Before you are sure of a news item, and then maybe report it lightly on social media, check it out. But check carefully. Because the damage of fake news is for everyone. But the benefit of its diffusion only for a few. And those few are not you.

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