Carabinero wounded by a bullet is the driver of the presidential escort

The official is admitted to the Carabineros Hospital out of vital risk.

Around 9:00 p.m. on Friday, three subjects carried out an assault on a carabinero in San Miguelto then be transferred to Colina, where he They shot and left abandoned.

As reported by Lieutenant Colonel Juan Reyes, of the South Metropolitan Police Prefecture, the uniformed man was wounded by a bullet in his right arm to later be abandoned by his captors.

After being found, the official was transferred to the Carabineros Hospital, where he is hospitalized. out of life risk.


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Specialized police teams they are carrying out surveys to find the whereabouts of the three assailants.

According to information provided by Carabineros, The police officer shot is part of President Gabriel Boric’s escort.

Specifically, the official acts as driver of the presidential escort group.

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