Carabiniere overwhelmed and killed by a train during pursuit, is the wanted thief

The 24-year-old Pasquale Attanasio of Naples was formed, considered the thief who on Tuesday evening the deputy sergeant Emanuele Reali was chasing when he was overwhelmed and killed by a train at the Caserta station. Attanasio, showy hunted by the military, who chased him incessantly for 48 hours, he presented himself with his lawyer of confidence to the Provincial Command of the Arma in Caserta, the barracks where he served the 34 year old Reali.

Attanasio was subjected to detention, at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor of Santa Maria Capua Vetere for crimes of theft in the home, resistance to public officials and death as a result of another crime. On Friday there will be the solemn funeral of the vicebrigadiere, in the municipality of Piana di Monte Verna (Caserta). Announced the presence of the Minister of Defense, Trenta, and the commander general of the Arma, Nistri.

The stopped man was part of a gang that had just robbed a flat. The other three accomplices were arrested shortly before the tragedy; for two of them, Pasquale Reale of 32 years and Salvatore Salvati of 44, the investigating judge of the Court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere ordered house arrest, while for the youngest of the group, 20 year old Cristian Pengue, the judge ordered the release with obligation to stay in Naples; Pengue would play the role of a stake while the accomplices were looting the house.


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