Card numbers without PIN up to 50 euros from April 13th

Protective masks are mandatory when shopping in the supermarket by April 6th at the latest. If you pay for your purchase with cards as recommended, you will have to enter your PIN code less frequently from April 13th.

Validity limited to times of crisis

The card limit for contactless payments has been doubled from 25 to 50 euros. Only from this upper limit must a four-digit PIN code be entered. For the time being, this step is limited to the duration of the coronavirus crisis.

There is no more detailed time limit because the duration of the crisis cannot be measured. Card companies say that there is nothing to be objected to by the provider against a long-term or unlimited amount of 50 euros.

The background to the step to raise the upper limit in Austria for hygienic reasons were demands of the trade, but also the supervisor European Banking Authority (EBA) and financial market supervision. Afterwards, all domestic banks decided to take the step together and commissioned Payment Services Austria (PSA) to do this. This new threshold also applies to credit cards.

Required after reactivation of 125 euros

On the other hand, the maximum amount that can be reached after paying several PIN-free single amounts when paying with ATM and credit cards is not changed: This amount remains at 125 euros. Anyone who exceeds this must re-enter the PIN code during the relevant payment process – or “insert” the card in between.

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