Cardano is waiting for a massive pump and “it’s impossible not to be bull on altcoins,” says the analyst

What can they do krypto Investors expect in the coming weeks and months, no one can say for sure. However, this analyst says that it is impossible not to be bullish, and Cardano in particular, according to him, will soon see rapid growth.

Cardano has to go up

Cardano (ADA) is behind him launch smart contracts that for several months in anticipation of the arrival of the update pushed the price of this cryptocurrency up. After launching two weeks ago, there was a correction, which was also supported by Bitcoin and the wider market.

A businessman known in the industry as Capo now tells his nearly 168,000 followers that he believes Cardano has bottomed out and is ready to ignite a new upward trend. He stated:

“Bottom THERE IS was $ 1.90, now the free way up to $ 10. Long and strongly on the ADA “

Capo refers to a tweet he released in August, where he accurately predicted that Cardano would fall to $ 1.90 before resuming its bull cycle.

“It looks massive here. Potential correction for $ 1.85 – $ 1.90. The macro view is bullish and is likely to be $ 10 or higher this year. ”

Source: Capo; Twitter

Bullish on altcoins by the end of the year

The analyst and cryptocurrency trader uses Elliott Wave’s theory, a technical analysis approach that predicts future price action according to crowd psychology that tends to manifest in waves. In addition to the aforementioned bullish predictions for Cardano’s Capo is also very bullish on altcoins as a whole. The Influencer believes that the entire crypto market will return to the parabolic phase of the cycle in the coming months, and we will see a sharp rise in altcoins.

“I repeat: it’s just noise in the middle. $ 30,000 – $ 50,000 [za BTC] is a huge extent of accumulation. Corrections for $ 42,000, $ 40,000 or $ 38,000 are gifts. Take her. October to December will be epic, especially for altcoins. “

The analyst further states:

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“It is impossible not to be bull on altcoins” and with regard to Bitcoin adds: „Vit falls like the bottom. Huge demand and no supply above. The pump is coming. “


You know, everyone has to use their own head, and this is not a financial board. ..And what about you? Do you think Cardano will reach $ 10 this year? Let us know in the comments whether you agree with Cap about the upcoming growth of altcoins and the entire market and why.

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