Cardi B wanted to commit suicide after fake news about her went viral

Cardi B.

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Cardi B He has made some impressive statements as he passed, this week, by the court.

The singer, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, decided to sue a youtuber known as Tasha as a result of some offensive comments against her person that the communicator spread without any kind of consideration on her platform channel, the same ones that Cardi herself recognized, when giving testimony, he contemplated the possibility of taking his own life because of the damage suffered.

“Only a bad person could do that,” he said after describing his mindset back in those days as “extremely suicidal”.

During her visit to this court in the state of Georgia, Cardi B broke down in tears on several occasions and also revealed that has suffered from migraines, anxiety and fatigue due to the tension derived from so many injuries.

The defendant has to answer to justice for the humiliation inflicted on the New York singer in her personal space, where He assured that he continued to practice prostitution, that he had contracted venereal diseases and that he used drugs on a regular basis.

Cardi went through a deep depression as a result and refused for almost a year to sleep in the same bed as her husband, Offset, who has also been emotionally affected by the lies spilled by Tasha.

His lawyers, who began this judicial process in 2019, They now demand financial compensation from the defendant and to retract the “false and defamatory information” that he has been sharing until today.

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