Carey Price’s assistant chosen?

In a poll on my Twitter account last week, the question was, “Who do you think should help Carey Price?” 81% of respondents chose Cayden Primeau over Charlie Lindgren.

This is what is called a strong majority and it clearly shows the confidence that Canadiens fans have in Cayden Primeau. With good reason in my opinion.

Still, it was not an easy training camp for him. He was forced to train for a week with Phillip Danault, Ryan Poehling, Victor Mete and Cale Fleury as a precaution.

These players were not allowed to skate with the rest of the team and Cayden Primeau was unable to show off.

Lindgren’s best camp

Meanwhile, Charlie Lindgren decided to take advantage of the situation to demonstrate that he had to be the one seconding Carey Price. He made spectacular saves in all practices or in mock matches.

The reality is he’s having his best training camp with the Canadiens and literally seems on a mission.

These are just training, you might say, but the goalkeepers, like the rest of the team, have to give their best constantly, because there will only be one preparatory game.

Half-measures can hurt a lot in practice if you’re trying to win a position and obviously Charlie Lindgren has understood that.

That being said, we should not believe that Cayden Primeau knows an ordinary camp, on the contrary. This is why the decision of the coaches will not be easy and Claude Julien admitted that a decision will be made shortly.

“Our four goalies impressed us in their own way. The question is whether we go with experience (Charlie Lindgren) or youth (Cayden Primeau). We have a good idea of ​​what we want to do, but since the final decision has not been taken, I will wait before making our choice. ”

Not surprising

Charlie Lindgren is now 26 and that’s a very important age for goalies, because it’s often in their mid-twenties that they are able to exploit their talent to the fullest.

This is what we are currently seeing with the American goalkeeper and his positive attitude in training means that he is forcing the hand of the team leaders.

Regardless of the coaches’ decision, it is obvious that he will have gained points, which is essential for him for the rest of his career, whether in Montreal or elsewhere.


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